Why Running Back Steve Slaton Signing with Miami Is Bad News for Reggie Bush

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2011

Reggie Bush hasn't thrilled anyone in Miami. (Getty images).
Reggie Bush hasn't thrilled anyone in Miami. (Getty images).Jason Miller/Getty Images

That smell emanating out of Miami is not dead fish, or dead Dolphin for that matter.

It's the smell of desperation.

Faster than you can say, "We're 0-3," the Miami Dolphins plucked running back Steve Slaton off the waiver wire.

The former Texan star, relegated to the bench then finally and unceremoniously shown the exit, had the door to Dolphin headquarters held open for him on Wednesday.

There's no truth to the rumor that Reggie Bush was eating pizza somewhere when the news broke that another ball carrier is coming to town.

There is truth to the fact that when you see things like this, you can readily see the hieroglyphics on the wall that when translated say, We're really unhappy with Reggie Bush and we're wondering why the hell we signed him in the first place.

What happened in Miami was the decision-makers tumbled into the sparkling vat of free agency wine. They fell in head first, or maybe fins first. They drank too much of it and came up with the notion that Bush could bring a lot of big play firepower to the offense.

Instead of splash plays from Bush, the powers-to-be went splash into a state of euphoria that can come when you spend too much time in the free agent vat.

Reggie's been a real humdinger so far, with 69 yards on 27 carries. Talk about production!

Meanwhile, Slaton was given the bum's rush in Houston. He became the invisible man with 20 yards on seven totes this year, so we can assume his body is feeling well rested.

Speaking of rest, there's none for the winless as these Fish (sorry, we all know a Dolphin is not a fish), have to head for the West Coast to take on the San Diego Chargers, and barring a major upset, they'll be coming home 0-4 and feeling totally crappy about the first quarter of the season.

This is all good for Slaton, however. With disaster comes opportunity, and Miami didn't bring him in to sit on the bench and talk to everyone about the best barbecue joints in Houston.

Slaton's entrance just may spell less opportunity for Bush and although it would be surprising to see Miami cut Bush loose, it won't come as a surprise to see him getting fewer touches.

Not that it will matter much.

What you have down there in Dade County is a team badly in need of a total makeover.

That won't come easily.