Florida Football 2011: The Men, the Myths and the Legends

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2011

Yeah, he doesn't need the edge nor a spread line.
Yeah, he doesn't need the edge nor a spread line.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Enough with this already!

I have heard this ad nauseam...

"The Swamp at night is one of the toughest places to play in."

"Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey are the fastest people on the field."

"Charlie Weis is an offensive genius."

"The Gator defense is stuffing the run."

"Florida will make Alabama one dimensional and AJ will have to win the game."

"The noise level is going to fluster a first-year starting quarterback."

First off, winning at the Swamp is easy. Winning at the Swamp at night is even easier. Just ask LSU, MSU and South Carolina last season. What? That was last season, you say? Well, that was a different team and this a new team, you say?

Wait a second. UF fans said that winning at the Swamp was hard, but last year it wasn't. What Gator fans mean to say, along with LSU fans and those that think winning in their stadium is hard, is that winning in the Swamp is hard when we have a great team.

So, unless Florida is a great team, then winning at the Swamp for Alabama may not be as hard as the Gator fans say.

Oh no, Alabama has never played this speed before!

Now for the fastest people on the field speech. Demps and Rainey are the fastest players on the field...when they take off their pads and run a straight line down the field. However, when they have their pads on and have to take cuts and turns, their speed gets minimized and "open space" starts shrinking rapidly with defensive angles played against them.

Alabama has played both of these players in two separate appearances. In 2010, Demps was held to 47 yards on 11 attempts. In 2009, both of them had a combined 16 yards on three carries.

But if Addazzio would have used them more, then UF would have...blah, blah, blah. Now we got Charlie Weis the offensive genius. He knows how to use them.

Don't give me this Charlie uses a convoy of blockers and dink and dunk passes behind the linemen. Everybody does this with their running backs. Not everyone has linebackers that can push the party, including the running back, off the edge and out of bounds or understands to spy the back. That was evident with the last four games.

I'll admit Charlie is much better than Addazzio, but let's get real here. UK, UAB, FAU and UT were not great rushing defenses before Florida. And guess what, they aren't great rushing defenses after.

So, no, Charlie does not have a "decisive schematic advantage" unless he has Tom Brady on his roster.

Yes, the Gator defense is stuffing the run against the aforementioned teams. Teams that have built their heart and soul on the running game. Where is the sarcasm font?

I'm gonna go back to what I said before the 2009 BCSNC game. The No. 1 Texas rushing defense had not faced a double backfield threat like Alabama. Here is the shocker, neither has the 2011 Gator defense. Only one person on this team knows this and has been through it.

So, now that the Gators have successfully stopped the run, Alabama will be one-dimensional. I'm afraid to say it, but as it was pointed out to me earlier, Florida's secondary is suspect and one-dimensional is not that bad for a quarterback who has been in his system for three years as opposed to one that has been in his six months.

Why is it that Gator fans think their voices are louder than anybody else's? AJ McCarron was just at a stadium that packed in over 107,000 attendees screaming their bloody heads off. Tell me now, how do you think 17,000 less people are going to make more noise? I mean, seriously, it is just 17,000!

Just because it is the Big Ten doesn't mean they don't like their football. I have a little inside information for you, Florida fans, EVERYBODY SCREAMS THEIR HEADS OFF WHEN ALABAMA PLAYS THEM! It is freaking Alabama, it is like beating the New York Yankees.

Here is the situation. Florida has to have all these things go right for them in order to win the game.

Alabama just has to be Alabama. Nothing more, nothing less.