Gina Carano: WEC Vs. Strikeforce

Mike SafContributor INovember 29, 2008

UFC’s sister company—World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC)—showed interest in Gina Carano, undefeated female MMA star, earlier in November. The Canadian Press reported from a press conference in Toronto that Dana White showed interest in female MMA fighter Gina Carano.

Gina Carano

In the past, Dana White would pass on talk of women fighting in the organization, saying that there was not enough talent. Now, White goes on record saying…

“Gina Carano is a star, I think she’s talented. I think she’s got all the tools, so what I’m willing to do is bring Gina into the WEC. We could do fights whenever there’s a challenger for Gina. That’s how I’ll test the waters and see how it goes.”

Source - (660 News)

Gina Carano, recently became a free agent, when her former contract with EliteXC expired, due to the company going out of business. Gina Carano has long proved herself as an excelled MMA fighter with a flawless 6-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) record.

While White is thinking about how he’s going to be testing the waters, another MMA Promotion Company is after Carano’s services. MMA Junkie reported earlier this week, that MMA Promotion Strikeforce is pursing Carano, now for a second go around.

Carano was still fairly new to MMA. Not many fans had seen nor heard of her. Strikeforce at the time was a rookie promotion that set an American record MMA attendance in a then recent event.

Early in Carano’s career, Strikeforce saw potential in the talented female fighter. In December ’06, Carano was offered a spot in “Triple Threat”, a Strikeforce Promotion. Shortly after, Carano began fighting for EliteXC.

Now, EliteXC has gone out of business and Strikeforce wants Carano back, but apparently the deal is held back by some legal issues.

“We’d love to have Gina fighting for us again,” said Strikeforce spokesperson Mike Afromowitz after the Nov. 21 “Destruction” event. “We’d love to have her back, but we’re a little restricted right now. There are a lot of legal issues. So when we’re allowed to, we’ll talk. But have to wait.”

Source - (MMA Junkie)

So, it seems like Dana White is in a good position to seal the deal with Gina Carano. WEC would benefit from Carano’s rising fame.

However, as with Fedor Emelianenko, White will not rush for the deal. He will wait it out until the benefit is swayed to his favor. On the other hand, Strikeforce would show more flexibility over White when dealing with Carano, and probably offer a better compensation.

So, what do the rest of you MMA fans think? Will Carano settle for a WEC offer, wait for Strikeforce to kick in a better deal, or will she just follow Fedor Emelianenko in a parallel path to greatness?

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