Does USC Want to Win the Pac-10 Again This Year?

Greg HuntoonCorrespondent INovember 28, 2008

Are USC fans across the country going to be rooting for Oregon or Oregon State this weekend in the Civil War? You have to ask the question, because it is probably the single biggest thing happening in the Pac-10 on Saturday.

If Oregon State wins, then they clinch the Pac-10 title outright by way of the "haha-we-beat-you-USC" tiebreaker (assuming that USC beats UCLA next weekend in Pasadena), and will smell roses come New Year's Day for the first time in 44 years.

But, should Oregon win, all is still up in the air and Oregon State's, USC's, and even Ohio State's fate gets tossed up in the air.

Now, let's play that first scenario out a little further before judging here.

If Oregon State wins out, they come to the Rose Bowl to face Penn State who has already won the Big 10. I've gotta tell you, this Oregon State team is a completely different team than the one that was pummelled early in the season in Happy Valley.

And I, for one, would really like to see the Beavers get another crack at Penn State. In fact, I think there's a pretty good shot that Oregon State could take them down.

USC will also likely get a BCS at-large bid (or more, depending on the circumstances) which would allow another one of these big shit-talking programs to take a crack at the Trojans, who have just mopped up all non-conference foes in the past seven years, except for Vince Young and the Longhorns in the BCS Title game in 2006.

That would mean USC's opponent could be Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Florida or Alabama (there are a couple of different scenarios as well; I'm just going with the numbers).

Any one of those games sounds just about as exciting as they come.

If the Ducks pull out a victory, no Trojan fan will be upset, because we'll get a chance to increase an already formidable streak of punishing victories against the Big-10, our traditional rival-conference.

But it'll probably be boring. Oh yeah, and OSU will probably get that at-large bid, and get killed by whichever Big-12 or SEC team they get slotted against.

As a USC fan from birth, it pains me to say it, I think I want the bigger game, and will forgo the longest conference title streak in the FBS for the sake of a better game with greater risk and rewards. Again, there will be no sadness either way, but I for one, jump at the chance to play against the other superpowers in college football.