WWE Hell in a Cell: Predicting the Winners of Each Match at the Next PPV

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIOctober 2, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell: Predicting the Winners of Each Match at the Next PPV

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    Hell in a Cell is coming up Sunday night, and doesn't it feel too soon? Didn't we just have a PPV about two weeks ago? Here's a kicker—after Hell in a Cell, the Vengeance PPV is a short three weeks later.

    Not trying to complain over WWE's PPV schedule, but if you want buys, you definitely need more time to build feuds in order to have a remote amount of hype for a match.

    Anyway, enough of WWE's creative strategy. Let's talk about the event coming up. There are currently five matches coming up, and one hopes there's at least a couple more added on during the PPV itself, or else we may see more promos on a PPV than actual matches, which will be nice to get a head start on the Vengeance PPV.

    Anyway, here is the lineup for Hell in a Cell and predictions on who may win.

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

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    With a new black outfit and new mask, we can now decipher the good Sin Cara (Mistico) over the evil Sin Cara (Hunico) and it seems like it is more like a way to get Sin Cara back into a story line after that suspension, while at the same time, bolstering the Smackdown roster with another Mexican luchadore wrestler.

    The smaller guys are getting more recognition and this match will likely showcase what Mexican-stle wrestling is to the world that has yet to see it.

    Mistico did have a few botches in some of his matches before the suspension but here is hoping that side is behind him and we are treated to a high flying, spot happy match that is sure to entertain and get the crowd buzzing for the matches ahead.

    As for a winner, this seems likely to be a blow off match and will allow Mistico to get into the thick of things in the Intercontinental Title race.

    It would be nice for the evil Sin Cara to give himself a name with the new look, if not Hunico, just some other name and allow WWE to market his likeness as soon as possible.

    Prediction: Mistico wins via pinfall

Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

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    In he Night of Champions version of this, I had predicted that Beth Phoenix would be Divas Champion right now.

    Kelly Kelly proved me (and a whole bunch of other people) wrong and came away with a second consecutive title defense against all odds.

    This may be Phoenix's last shot at the title and for a Diva trying to "save" a division, losing a big match in three straight PPVs just doesn't make sense.

    Kelly has had a good reign as champion but Phoenix has added a whole bunch of prestige to that title for her work in the ring, her and Natalya's presence and the fact that they are chasing one thing at the moment: the Divas title.

    Having that much passion to win a belt and having prayers unanswered for two PPVs, here's hoping that Phoenix does pick up the win and grabs a belt that has credibility all over it as of late and allow the "Divas of Salvation" to rule the division for months to come.

    Prediction: Beth Phoenix via pinfall

Sheamus vs. Christian

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    The feud has been short but has a big fight feel to it anyway.  Both are former World Champions and both have styles that could mesh quite well.

    There isn't much more on the line than pride.  Christian has had his title shots and a win here will just put him right back in the title picture, which will be good for him, obviously, but re hashing ideas from the summer may not be the best thing.

    A Mark Henry win could allow Sheamus to win here and enter a feud running through Survivor Series with the "World's Strongest Man", but that isn't official.

    What is certain is that Christian has played the heel role without flaw.  He shows to be timid and cowardice, which is necessary to be a heel and he is going up a monster in the "Celtic Warrior."  You don't exactly want to bury a former World champion, but you have no choice here.

    Whomever is champion after Sunday, will likely have to deal with the winner of this match in the near future.

    Look for a steel chair to play a part in the match on Sunday.

    Prediction: Sheamus wins via pinfall

World Heavyweight Title: Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton

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    After 15 years, Mark Henry is a world champion.  The build up for his epic win at Night of Champions was well done and established him as a credible champion and doesn't devalue the belt.

    He will be going into his first Hell in a Cell confrontation with the man he beat for the belt, Randy Orton.

    Orton is poised to win the title and made a statement on Smackdown with a vicious RKO.

    Orton has previous experience inside the Cell and he learned from Triple H, one of the most successful competitors inside Satan's Structure.

    This match could be a way to move the feud forward to Vengeance and a way to do that is by giving Orton the belt and having Henry get his rematch at the Vengeance PPV.

    Of course, another way to do it is have Henry keep the belt and have Sheamus come back and challenge him for the title, as their feud never got much closure.  Seriously, a countout win to close out a feud?  There's some questions needed to be answered.

    The WWE has been high on Orton and always will be (barring any incidents) and for what is happening on RAW, with title switches galore, Orton gets the edge here, based on experience, but Henry will give him a war.

    Prediction: Randy Orton wins via pnfall

WWE Title: John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

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    This match has a lot of intrigue as it will decide what the future of RAW will be based around.  A John Cena win will guarantee that Del Rio will complain that they didn't get a one-on-one rematch and well will see the WWE Title picture in controversy once again, after all, Cena is the most controversial champion in WWE history.  It is all building around Vengeance and who will be where in the 5-on-5 match at Survivor Series that feature Cena and The Rock.

    Speaking of Rock, he may be on RAW leading up to Survivor Series, doing some advertising.  Here's a cheap plug Rock, Fast Five comes out on DVD Tuesday October 4, buy it, it's a thrilling adventure and is rather enjoyable to fans of the series in general.

    If Punk wins, it could be a good start to the Punk-Del Rio feud that was reportedly talked about being in the works.

    Del Rio is also a possibility of winning as the WWE have their tour of Mexico coming up and this could be the last opportunity for WWE to have him return as a conquering champion.  He can then drop the belt at Vengeance to either Punk or Cena if WWE doesn't have any faith in the Mexican Aristocrat.

    Experience-wise, give the nod to Cena with a close second to Punk, after all, Punk's only Hell in the Cell match was against Undertaker, one of the best Cell competitors of all time and the match was great.

    On a character advancement standpoint, giving Del Rio the belt could bring out his heel persona in a much bigger, smug way and get him to that next level.

    Then again, taking the belt off Cena after two weeks isn't something WWE would usually do.

    It's a tough thing but WWE has to do something to get the Del Rio's of the world up to legit main event status because Michaels isn't around, Undertaker is likely done after Wrestlemania 28, Triple H only wrestles on a part time basis, Edge was forced to retire and the only man from the Attitude Era that's in the title picture at this point is Mark Henry.

    Prediction: Alberto Del Rio wins via pinfall

    What will happen inside Satan's Structure?  Will Del Rio shock the world? Will Orton reclaim the World Heavyweight Title?  Will we get more than five matches?  What do you think?

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