Angry College Football Coaches Who Give My Wife Nightmares

Aaron McKinneyCorrespondent IIISeptember 29, 2011

Angry College Football Coaches Who Give My Wife Nightmares

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    Let’s face it—college kids are young, dumb and full of…

    Imagine being saddled with the privilege of herding them through a season in hopes of a bowl game!  Recent criticism of Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly's on-field antics beg the question: What do you expect?  

    Our slideshow explores some nightmarish college coaching faces appearing in my wife's nightmares this season.

Greg Robinson

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    Greg Robinson left the Carrier Dome in 2008.  A bad season for sure, but did his strained trapezius keep him out of the coaching game? 

Bobby Petrino

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    Bobby Petrino might be known to "drop the ball" midseason, but with offensive genius like his, who's gonna argue?

Houston Nutt

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    Have the days of Houston Nutt's life taken a collective toll on his demeanor, or did he simply stop caring during the Springdale Saga?

Bo Pelini

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    Will Nebraska blackout Bo Pelini's habitual rage this week?

Joe Paterno

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    This undead face will invade the nightmares of Happy Valley through 2012 if PSU doesn't go to the Rose Bowl this year.