Jay Glazer Is the Best Sports Reporter in America

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IApril 6, 2017

Throughout the sporting landscape in America today, there are many reporters and writers who are masters of their craft. 

Some stick to the basics that they probably learned while in college. Others, they branch out and are not afraid to try new things. 

Both methods work, and one man uses a combination of these two tactics perfectly. As a result, bar none, he is the best sports reporter in America today. 

Who is this man? His name is Jay Glazer. 

Currently working for foxsports.com, his writing is often cutting edge, and, to say the least, he is in the know with everything going on in the NFL. 

Digging deep down to get all of the facts, he never leaves anything under reported at all. 

In addition, he simply does not report on stories that dozens of other writers are working on as well. 

He goes out and he finds the stories most of the time. 

Even more importantly though, at the same time, he finds the answers to the stories that everyone wants to hear before anybody else even blinks, and Glazer is to be commended for these efforts. 

At the same time, Glazer seems to know stories that are happening before the people that make up the stories even know that they are happening. 

This is a skill that cannot be taught at all. 

The man seemingly has the entire NFL in his cell phone, and usually, he seems to be only one text message away from knowing the entire story in mere seconds, not minutes. 

In addition, who has he ever gotten into a verbal sparring session with? 

The answer is nobody. Nobody pops into mind right away when looking at this question. Instead of getting into it with his subjects, he talks to them as if he is their best friend, which is an amazing skill. 

He has the respect of every single one of his peers, and in today's world, if one is able to say this, that is truly remarkable. 

At the same time, he never outs his sources, and he always respects their privacy by not naming names in the instances where this is an issue. 

Since he does this, he can simply reach out to a source with a simple phone call or a text message, and he can get the scoop very quickly. 

Getting his hands on stories that others cannot dream of breaking, he reports them in a manner that is simply brilliant. 

In addition, he builds the trust between his subjects as well, so that he can get more leads, seemingly whenever he wants. 

Simply put, the man has worked so hard to get to the top of his profession, that he barely has to struggle to get the information that so many people want to hear. 

As a result, Glazer is the man for breaking news in the NFL week in, and week out. 

He never brags though, he sticks to the reporting, which is what should always be done. 

Since this is the case, Glazer, in almost a landslide, is the best sports reporter that America has to offer currently. 

More than likely as well, down the line, as long as he keeps up his hard work, at the end of his career, he will probably go down as one of the legends in his field. 

Keep up the good work Mr. Glazer, because without your work, the NFL simply would not be the same on a week to week basis. 


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