GSP to Train with Dan Hardy for Condit Fight: 5 Reasons This Is a Good Idea

Adam OsterkampContributor IIISeptember 28, 2011

GSP to Train with Dan Hardy for Condit Fight: 5 Reasons This Is a Good Idea

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    Earlier today Georges “Rush” St-Pierre posted this on his twitter feed, “Guess who landed in town yesterday night to come train with me? For sure he'll bring the much needed intensity to get prepared...Dan Hardy!!!”

    GSP is set to face Carlos Condit at UFC 137 in October. Bringing in Hardy, a man who has a loss to Condit, is a curious move on GSP’s behalf.

    Is this the right move for St-Pierre, a fighter who has been incredibly dominant for years, to make? And what’s in it for Hardy, a man who’s lost to both GSP and Condit.

Hardy Gets to Train with a Champion

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    Dan Hardy is on a four fight losing streak inside of the octagon. If it weren’t for his appeal, he may have been out of a job after his loss to Lytle.

    Hardy needs to do something to get him out of this rut. He needs to evolve as a fighter, and GSP is just the man who can help him do that.

    If nothing else comes out of these two getting together to train, maybe Hardy will round out a bit more of his fight game.

Hardy Has Fought GSP

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    It wasn’t too long ago that GSP and Dan Hardy fought for the welterweight championship. Despite putting Hardy in a few vicious submissions, GSP couldn’t manage to put Hardy away.

    Hardy spent 25 minutes battling it out with GSP and lost to a unanimous decision. Because of this Hardy will have some great insight into some of the potential holes “Rush’s” game.

Hardy Has Fought Condit

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    More important than the fact that Hardy has faced GSP, is the fact that he fought Condit. While he did lose to Condit, Hardy has experience with the fighter in the heat of battle.

    Combine this with the fact that Hardy has spent a fight camp preparing for and studying both fighters, he’ll have great incite into what GSP should fix and where his opportunities are with Condit.

GSP Is Mixing It Up

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    Rush is a fighter who is known for constantly going from one camp to another. He’s always looking to improve himself and find ways to make him a more well rounded fighter.

    Bringing Hardy in to train with is just a smart move, even if he isn’t doing it for the Condit fight. These two have fought before, and surely Hardy will have some great things that GSP can learn about his own game, from Hardy’s perspective.

GSP Is Playing Mind Games

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    Why else would GSP announce that he brought Dan Hardy in over twitter? Rush is trying to get inside the head of Condit. And it’s a great tactic, too.

    At first Condit will be like most of the rest of us and wonder why GSP would even do such a thing. But then he’ll start to think about the mistakes he made while fighting Hardy, and what else Hardy may have taken away from that fight.

    It’s a great strategy move by GSP. He gets to train with someone who has fought both himself and the man he’ll be fighting in October, plus he can make Condit question his own fight plan.