NCAA Football: Texas A&M Joining the SEC Is Bad for the Football Program

Ronnie HampstonCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2011

AUSTIN, TX - NOVEMBER 25:  Mike Sherman, head coach of Texas A&M, embraces running back Cyrus Gray #32 following Texas A&M's 24-17 win over The University of Texas at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on November 25, 2010 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images)
Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Living in College Station, Texas I see the Aggie faithful on a daily basis. Texas A&M has one of the best fan bases in all of College Football. With A&M joining the toughest conference in College Football they may not have much to cheer about for years to come.

The SEC is the best conference in College Football and the Aggies face a long road ahead of them by joining the conference. This move was not all about football, but it will do the football program more harm than any other sports program at TAMU. The Texas Longhorns agitated many people in the Big 12 by getting their own network, which affected revenue throughout the conference.

Prior to joining the SEC Mike Sherman was on his way of bringing the Aggies out of the dumps, but after signing a death certificate by joining the SEC, the program will likely falter.

Wins are hard to come by in the Southeastern Conference. In the Big 12 you can almost chalk up guaranteed wins versus Iowa St, Kansas, and Kansas St. Every Saturday in the SEC is a dog fight.

One of the worst things about A&M joining the SEC is the possibility of the rivalry with the Texas Longhorns will no longer exist. When talking about college sports tradition always comes to mind first. Even as a kid growing up in Ohio I understood the magnitude of the UT and TAMU rivalry. If the rivalry ends it also ends over one hundred years of tradition. Sometimes it is better to cater to the fans and alumni rather than chasing dollars.

Finding a rival in the SEC will not be the same for A&M. With the talent gap and no real tradition with any university other than Arkansas, it looks as if the move to the SEC will be a huge regret looking back at time. Playing in the SEC is no easy task. The last few games where A&M played against SEC foes it has not been pretty.

Aggieland is one of the best College Football towns around the country. With A&M joining the SEC it will hard to praise mediocre football program. Memo to the Aggies: Cherish playing against Kansas, Texas Tech and Iowa State this season, because reality strikes soon next season.