A Sloppy Loss for LSU Raises Questions

Christopher Williams@@6thCLagniappeCorrespondent INovember 28, 2008

After LSU’s comeback win against Troy State, I made the comment to someone that I am not going to say there is a problem with this team unless LSU loses to Ole Miss and Arkansas. Well, guess what LSU fans? There is a problem.

Lets go back to the beginning of the season. LSU started off 4-0 before getting embarrassed by Florida in the Swamp 51-21. The Tigers went on to beat South Carolina on the road then came back and lost to Georgia 52-38.

Then at home LSU beat Tulane before playing Alabama. When Bama came into Baton Rouge, the Tigers were 6-2 and a win over the No. 1 ranked Crimson Tide would have been a season saving win, but the Tigers lost in overtime 27-21.

The next game on the schedule was Troy State, the homecoming game was a rescheduled game due to hurricane Gustav. The Tigers scored 30 points in the 4th quarter and pulled off a victory over a team they were not suppose to struggle against.

Ole Miss then beat the Tigers in Baton Rouge 31-13 and then the Tigers went into Arkansas to play the 4-7 Razorbacks. The Razorbacks are now 5-7 and the Tigers are 7-5. This LSU team almost lost to Troy State and gave the game away to an Arkansas team who is horrible.

Arkansas’s four wins came from Western Illinois, UL-Monroe, Auburn, and Tulsa and now the LSU Tigers are added to this list. So what is the problem in Baton Rouge? Is it the coaching? Is it the lack of leadership? Is it the lack of experience at quarterback?

Although I have always supported Coach Miles I have to put the blame on him. The defense is horrible and if he does not make changes within his staff and get rid of the defensive co-coordinators then 2009 will be another long year. The one thing that the team lacks is motivation.

Going into the season I did said the Tigers will loose three games, four at the most. Going into a bowl game LSU will be 7-5 and judging by the last three games, it doesn’t matter who the Tigers play they will likely struggle. As I am writing this article, I started to think about possible reasons why this team has allowed the wheels fall off, but without a doubt something happened after LSU lost to Bama.

Did the team just give up after losing to Bama? Is there a division within the team? Honestly, I would like to hear from other LSU fans as to what you think is going on.

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