Bobby Labonte Stands A Top NASCAR With A Unmatched Record

Horn FanSenior Writer INovember 28, 2008

Jimmy Johnson matched Cale Yarborough's record of winning three straight Sprint Cup titles. Both Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt have won seven titles.

There is one title winner in NASCAR, who's record is unmatched and he also might become the first to win titles in all three of NASCAR elite series.

Bobby Labonte is the only driver in NASCAR history to win titles in both Sprint Cup in 2000 and the second tier Nationwide Series in 1991.

"I have to consider that one of the highest honors of my career," Labonte said. "I mean, no one else has done it." (Mike Harris)

"There have been a lot of great drivers that have completed in both series and I'm sure someone will join me eventually Carl Edwards is coming closer and closer every year. I'm beginning to feel like the '72 Dolphins." (Mike Harris)

Carl Edwards won the Nationwide title in 2007, just missed repeating in 2008 and came up 69 points short of joining Labonte this year.

Now back in 1991, when Labonte won the then Busch Series title it was a true feeder Series for Cup.

"Back then we were guys hoping to make it," Labonte said. "I owned my own team, really enjoyed racing against Chuck Bown, the late Rob Moroso and Kenny Wallace. Those are some of the best memories I have. We would really get after it. I learned so much during those years."(Mike Harris)

Labonte will occasionally race in the Nationwide Series, but he primarily concentrates on driving the No. 43 Dodge with Petty Enterprises.

Here's a few other records, Labonte holds title wise and like the above one, other drivers have been close to joining him but no one has yet.

Labonte's the only driver/owner to win a titles in the Nationwide Series.

He and his brother Terry are the only set of brothers to have won Sprint Cup Titles.

Here's one that will remain unmatched, since the IROC is gone. He's the only one to have won the IROC, having won both a Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series Championship.

Now if your just looking at winning two out of three Series titles, then you have Labonte doing it in 2000, Greg Biffle in 2002 and Johnny Benson, Jr. in 2008. Both have won Truck and Nationwide Series titles.

No doubt, Greg Biffle maybe the first to win Championships in all three Series. But don't count Bobby Labonte from also duplicating it and don't be surprised if he doesn't accomplish it first.

Because once his current contract is up at Petty Enterprises, he's going to be racing in the NCWTS and will not be surprised to see it happen sooner with the current state of the team.



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