Detroit Lions Fans, Keeping the Faith?

Cory WalkerContributor INovember 28, 2008

As a Lions fan, we can only look one direction, forward. The 4-0 preseason was a mirage. Now at 0-12, we can only hope that Mr. Ford will pick the right guy for GM.  This one piece is the hope of a proud Lions future. 

We all tire of the same old Lions and we know that any hope of turning it around next year and beyond requires a quality football guru GM to head this franchise in the right direction, meaning playoffs. 

The question is, how can we ensure that they will pick the right guy? Should the NFL get involved? We certainly can't trust Lions' management to make the right choice. Even after the Millen failures in draft picks and other questionable decisions, Lions management still kept him on the payroll for almost eight years! 

This is what really makes me think that the car is on cruise control and no one is behind the wheel. With that said, can we hope that they are now awake and can make the right decision or should we assume that they are still asleep?

I know the general belief is to clean house, and that means everyone that has anything to do with prospecting, drafting and coaching be dismissed.

I say they propose that the NFL be involved because I am sure even they are tired of the same old inept Lions. Maybe we could vote on it? 

We could start an on-line ballot system where the voice of the fans could be heard and play an integral part in this election. This is the least they could do to appease 51 years of pain, agony and most of all embarrassment.

This Thanksgiving was the topper.  I received text after text of comments that made me sink deeper into my sofa and to top it off while reading,  another blunder was occurring.

If I wasn't an avid football fan, I wouldn't be quite so upset but like other fans I have reached a breaking point.  How do you explain to friends that you are still a fan?  I find it harder and harder to do. 

Does it ever end?