WWE Hell In A Cell: 8 Storylines That Need To Be Addressed

Vandie BarnardContributor IIISeptember 29, 2011

WWE Hell In A Cell: 8 Storylines That Need To Be Addressed

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    WWE Hell in a Cell takes place this Sunday, just two weeks after Night of Champions. What happens at Hell in a Cell will start the build towards a big Survivor Series this year in November.

    With little time to build towards Hell in a Cell, most of the angles are continuing from Night of Champions. However, there are some storylines that need to be addressed at Hell in a Cell.

    We have the first ever triple threat match inside Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship. We have a rematch between the World's Strongest World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry against Randy Orton. There is the ongoing conspiracy theory.

    How these matches play out? What's next in the major storylines in the WWE? We will find out on Sunday, but there are questions that need to be answered.

    Here are eight storylines that need to be addressed at Hell in a Cell:

8. When Will Miz and R-Truth Return?

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    A few weeks ago on Raw, the Miz and R-Truth were fired by Triple H and have not been seen on TV since. You better believe that their assumptions of a conspiracy theory in WWE have intensified even more after their firing.

    The two have been going around the last month or so talking about how they are overlooked and that Triple H is in on this conspiracy. So how much longer will it be before we see two of the hottest superstars on Raw return?

    I believe that Awesome Truth will "invade" Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Whether they interfere in a match or attack another superstar backstage, one way or another, their presence will be felt.

7. What Is David Otunga Planning?

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    How about that bow tie David Otunga was wearing on Raw?

    Anyway, we saw Otunga plan a pact with Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. All of these superstars, one way or another, feel that Triple H is doing a horrible job as COO and want him gone immediately.

    What this group plans on doing remains to be seen.Maybe we find out more at Hell in a Cell.

    However, the list of superstars dissatisfied with the current direction of the WWE continues to grow. I for one am excited to see what will become of it.

6. Who Will Stop Mark Henry?

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    For the past few months, Mark Henry has been on a tear. He has taken out the Big Show and Kane, and picked up a clean victory over Randy Orton at Night of Champions for his first World Title reign.

    It seems as if this guy is unstoppable.

    Eventually, someone will be able to take down the World's Strongest Man, but it won't be Randy Orton, and it is not happening this Sunday. With all the investment the WWE has put into building up Mark Henry as a major heel, I don't think he loses the title this soon.

    However, maybe after his match, we see the return of the Big Show or Kane, who will attempt to put an end to Henry's Hall of Pain.

    Maybe a man won't stop Mark Henry but...a dead man.

5. Who Is John Laurinaitis Texting?

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    Multiple times this past Monday on Raw we saw John Laurinaitis send a text message to someone from his phone. The question is who is he texting?

    He is clearly reaching out to someone to take down Triple H, as Laurinaitis is not too fond of the COO. Throughout this whole conspiracy angle, Laurinaitis has been very sneaky and we never know what he is up to.

    When will we find out who the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations is talking to or what he's planning? I'll get to that in a little bit.

4. Will the CM Punk-Triple H Feud Continue?

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    The night after Night of Champions where Triple H defeated CM Punk in a wild match, Triple H made a triple threat Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship that included CM Punk.

    Ever since then, we haven't seen any interaction and back and forth chatter between Punk and The Game.

    Have they decided to put that feud to rest for the time being or for good? I was enjoying their promos back and forth and wanted to see where it would go next.

    CM Punk said he was not going to be satisfied until Triple H was no longer COO of the WWE. Well, Triple H is still COO for now, so by that, CM Punk should be continuing his feud with Triple H.

    We should find out more about the direction of this feud after the PPV.

3. Kevin Nash

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    Despite being fired, Kevin Nash showed up at Night of Champions to interfere in the CM Punk-Triple H match. For his troubles, Nash took a vicious sledgehammer shot from the Cerebral Assassin.

    Nash was written off TV for the time being, but I feel he can't be gone for too long.

    Nash will be back, but when will Big Daddy Cool strike again? With John Laurinaitis lurking around, it's only a matter of time before he is called upon to invade again.

    Nash still has a bone to pick with CM Punk, who he just doesn't like, and Triple H, who he feels isn't the same man he knew.

    Nash will be back for retribution, and Hell in a Cell may be the perfect time to do so.

2. The Conspiracy in the WWE

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    The whole conspiracy in the WWE began with CM Punk and his 3:16-like promo a few weeks before Money in the Bank. Punk wanted to be a voice for the voiceless, and as a result, we have been given some of the best promos in a while.

    Now the conspiracy angle has spread throughout the locker room.Even before Punk and R-Truth believed that there was a conspiracy to keep John Cena as champion (he has a good point). Truth first started the notion that there is a conspiracy in the WWE, but Punk intensified it because of his exceptional mic work.

    So we have Punk, Truth and Miz believing that there is a conspiracy and Otunga, Christian, Ziggler, Rhodes and Vickie Guerrero all wanting to get rid of Triple H as COO. That's a pretty long list, not to mention the fact that John Laurinaitis more than likely is sneakily working behind the scenes to get rid of Triple H.

    Eventually, we will know whether or not there really is a conspiracy in the WWE, and that all may be answered by one man...

1. The Inevitable Return of Mr. McMahon

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    With chaos running wild in the WWE and Triple H not being able to restore order, it is only a matter of time before the return of the boss.

    This conspiracy angle will be resolved with the return of Vince McMahon. How everything plays out remains to be seen, but with the conspiracy angle having gone on for a few months now, we will finally get some answers as to what is going on.

    Whenever Vince is on TV, it makes for interesting and entertaining moments for sure. I expect him to once again power walk down the ramp very soon.

    I am excited for the return of Mr. McMahon, as I want to see what happens next with the conspiracy. With the list of superstars believing in the conspiracy growing by the week, it'll be interesting to see the landscape of the WWE afterwards.

WWE Hell in a Cell This Sunday

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    Even though there was not a lot of time to build toward the Hell in a Cell PPV, I am expecting it to be a pretty good one with more surprises in store just as the past few PPVs have given us.

    It is apparent that Triple H has lost control of the WWE and there seems to be no signs of him regaining control at all. Maybe we see a power struggle between a returning Mr. McMahon and Triple H with the locker room split behind McMahon or Triple H.

    The conspiracy angle has me intrigued and I want to see what happens next. While Hell in a Cell may not be a classic PPV overall, expect it to do a lot in terms of moving storylines further and begin building toward Survivor Series.

    Who will walk out as our World Champions? Will we see any returns? What will happen next in WWE: the conspiracy? After Sunday night, we hope to have answers to the major storylines within the WWE.