10 MMA Fighters Who Need to Be in the UFC

Brent PowellContributor ISeptember 28, 2011

10 MMA Fighters Who Need to Be in the UFC

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    The UFC is considered to have the best MMA fighters in the world.  They have consumed Pride, Affliction, and are currently snacking away on Strikeforce. 

    But, they don't have everybody. 

    There are still a lot of top-level fighters not signed by Dana White, but could compete with the elite fighters.  So here is a list of the top 10 fighters that need to be in the UFC.

10. Pat Curran (Featherweight)

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    If you haven’t heard of Pat Curran yet, you will soon.  Coming off his amazing head kick knockout of Marlon Sandro, Curran is on fire. 

    He has had four fights since April. That's right, FOUR fights, and his only loss during that span came to Eddie Alvarez, which wasn't surprising.  His drop down to featherweight seems to be working for him. 

    Curran is only 24 years-old and he’d be a nice pickup for the UFC.

9. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante (Light Heavyweight)

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    Feijao gets no love.  The man finished Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal in convincing fashion to win the Strikeforce title, and no one talked about it. 

    Then he comes out and wins two rounds against Dan Henderson before getting caught by Hendo’s right hand.  And what does Strikeforce do with Feijao in his next fight?

    They put him on the undercard.  I can’t think of any fighter who has ever gone from champion to undercard in one fight.  But Feijao took it in stride, finishing Yoel Romero Palacio in the second round. 

    Get Feijao in the UFC so he can get some respect (because you know the rest of Black House sure has).

8. Fedor Emelianenko (Heavyweight)

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    This one may seem like a head-scratcher, but Fedor needs to fight at least once in the UFC. 

    I tend to side with Dana White in the fact that I respect how great Fedor was in Pride, but thought he became vastly overrated once he started fighting in the States. That is, of course, until the Werdum and Silva fights. 

    Even though Fedor is entering the twilight of his career, it would be awesome to see him step in the Octagon at least once.  Now we just have to work on M-1 Global…

7. Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal (Light Heavyweight)

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    Like him or not, King Mo is entertaining in and out of the cage. 

    He has a style that would fit perfectly for entertaining fights in the UFC; knockout power on his feet and great wrestling skills so he can keep it standing. 

    Plus, King Mo versus "Rampage" Jackson would be incredible. Instead of trying to explain why it would be incredible, just watch the video.

6. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (Middleweight)

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    When it comes to ju-jitsu in MMA, there is Jacare and then there is everybody else.

    He is a five time world ju-jitsu champ. That’s right, five.  That means, on the mat, Jacare has an advantage over every other person in MMA. He has shown extreme improvement in his striking as of late, and if it weren’t for the recent loss to Luke Rockhold, he’d be higher on this list. 

    Jacare vs. Chael Sonnen would be a very intriguing matchup in the distant future. Too bad it wouldn’t be a title fight though, because no one's beating  Anderson Silva.

5. Shinya Aoki (Lightweight)

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    Shinya Aoki is quite simply the most entertaining Brazilian ju-jitsu fighter in the world. 

    Even though a guy like Jacare is a better technician, Aoki is the flashiest.  When he is fighting, all he wants to do is make the man standing across from him submit. 

    People forget that he took out top lightweight Eddie Alvarez with a heel hook in the first round (watch the video).  He also has one of the most brutal submissions ever, where he broke Mizuto Hirota’s arm with a hammerlock. 

    A fight between Shinya Aoki and Takanori Gomi would be pretty cool for the UFC, too.

4. Gilbert Melendez (Lightweight)

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    Some people consider Gilbert Melendez to be the top lightweight in the world. 

    The problem is that he hasn’t fought much competition.  The only two top guys he’s ever faced are Shinya Aoki and Clay Quida, and both fights went to a decision.  That said, he has been on quite a streak and has beaten a lot of the top Japanese fighters in the world. 

    It would be cool to see if Melendez could hang with the big boys in the UFC, and putting him in the Octagon with Anthony Pettis would be a good first fight.

3. Eddie Alvarez (Lightweight)

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    Just like Melendez, a lot of people believe that Eddie Alvarez is the top lightweight in the world. 

    But even though he holds some notable victories over Pat Curran and Josh Neer, he hasn’t fought a high-level of competition.  It would be hard to pry Alvarez from Bellator’s hands, but if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Dana White. 

    Get this man in the UFC.

2. Daniel Cormier (Heavyweight)

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    Daniel Cormier made a statement by knocking out Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. 

    Silva had a lot of momentum going into that fight after his win over Fedor, but Cormier destroyed that momentum with a huge right hand.  While it is too early to call Cormier an elite heavyweight, his upside looks great and it’s always nice to have Olympic-caliber wrestling on display.  

    If Cormier beats Josh Barnett, his future could very well lie in the UFC.

1. Hector Lombard (Middleweight)

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    This whole article I’ve said that these fighters are good, but haven’t faced top competition. 

    It’s the same for Hector Lombard, with one small difference; HE KNOCKS EVERYONE OUT. 

    Lombard is a finisher, and amazingly entertaining to watch fight.  Not to mention that his last lost was in 2006.  Lombard would be a great pickup for the UFC, and a fight between him and Vitor Belfort would be explosive.