TNA IMPACT! Slamback: Extreme Resurrection On Thanksgiving Night

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer INovember 28, 2008

The fans asked for a change this past week, and they got it in more ways than one. Following many fans protesting the ending to this past Sunday's Survivor Series, it was up to TNA to give them something to talk about. And they delivered in a huge way.

Mick Foley brings out the "turkey" in Alex Shelley

Tonight was about more than just the power struggle of TNA. It was also about the 2nd Annual TNA Turkey Bowl, where the winner would receive a check for $25,000, and the loser would have to don the infamous Turkey Suit. In all three matches, one heavyweight wrestler, one tag team wrestler and one X-Division wrestler would compete for the right to fight in the Turkey Bowl Championship.

In the first contest, Rhino survived the onslaught of the massive Hernandez to deliver a devastating GORE! to "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt to secure the win and advance to the Turkey Bowl Championship.

In the second contest, Alex Shelley took out "Cute" Kip and used a handful of tights to secure his victory over Consequences Creed to advance to the finals. In the final contest, it was Sheik Abdul Bashir who used Matt Morgan's own momentum to toss him out and hit the WMD on Jimmy Rave to advance to the Finals.

In the Turkey Bowl Championship, Rhino survived a double team effort from Shelley and Bashir to deliver a clothesline to Bashir and a GORE! to Shelley to capture the Turkey Bowl Championship and the $25,000. But it was Shelley who wasn't playing by the rules in the end. After refusing to don the Turkey Suit, Shelley was approached by TNA Executive Shareholder Mick Foley.

Foley presented the money to Rhino, then he turned his attention to his ongoing feud with Shelley. He gave Shelley two choices: Put on the suit...or receive your walking papers. After Shelley donned the Turkey Suit, he gave his boss The Bird. Foley in turn delivered the Double Arm DDT to Shelley before wishing him a nice day and leaving the ring.

The Young Lions Cross The Front Line

At the beginning of tonight's broadcast, Rhino led the TNA Originals down to the ring to address a few issues. The first was the announcement of their new faction's name: The TNA Front Line (I like this one better). He then asked if the fans were ready to go to war with them? But as he prepares to speak about Final Resolution, the Main Event Mafia comes out and makes it clear that Rhino should rethink his decision about going to war with them.

But Rhino tells Mafia Don Kurt Angle to kiss his ass! Then he guarantees that The Front Line will grow before the end of the night. With that, Rhino pays a visit to some old friends of his: Team 3D. Despite constant protest from AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, Rhino still makes it obvious about the road that the 20x Tag Champions were on during their illustrious career.

But while the team debates their decision, Scott Steiner approaches them with an offer they can't refuse. After weeks of wondering why they weren't good enough, Team 3D was offered a place among the illustrious group. But while Kurt Angle did his best campaigning to recruit the group, Booker T was doing some recruiting of his own.

The Beautiful People were approached by Booker T with an offer: Protect the future of his queen, and he will make it worth your while. TBP liked the offer, but they had one better: Protect the queen of the Mafia, and give us your dressing room. Despite objections from Queen Sharmell, Booker accepts the deal. But will TBP be enough to stave off the onslaught of ODB?

But at the end of the night, it was judgment day for Team 3D. As Styles, Rhino and Joe waited in the ring for the answer, the Mafia came out with huge smiles on their faces. It was because Angle announced the two newest members of the Mafia: Team 3D. Decked out in Mafia-Approved Attire, Brother Ray and Brother Devon came out and explained their decision to join the Mafia.

Brother Ray made it clear that both sides made valid points, but it was Angle's words in regards to their future that made the decision easier for them. Did they want to be remembered as part of the greatest coalition of champions in history...or did they want to be remembered as the single greatest tag team in wrestling history?

But physicality was imminent, and the Extreme tag team came prepared. Team 3D approached the Front Line and opened their jackets, revealing a few weapons that they stashed in the inner pockets. Styles and Joe grabbed the weapons and began to assault members of the Mafia. Team 3D took out Booker, Sting, Steiner and Nash, leaving only Kurt Angle in the ring. As they prepared to drop Angle through a table, Sting pulled him out of harm's way.

So it is official: Team 3D is now a part of the war...against The Mafia. The 20x Tag Champions joined The Front Line and made their case to join Styles and Joe for the Eight Man Tag Match at Final Resolution.

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