UFC: Greatest Knockouts from UFC 11-20

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2011

UFC: Greatest Knockouts from UFC 11-20

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    In all sports, there is nothing that can evoke the kind of crowd reaction like the sheer violence of a knockout.

    Over the course of 150 or so UFC events, MMA fans have been treated to hundreds of tremendous knockouts since the promotion's debut nearly 18 years ago.

    During the next few weeks, we will be taking a trip down memory lane and taking a look at the best knockout from every UFC event to date.

    In the second offering, we will be looking back at UFC 11 through 20.

UFC 11: Brian Johnston vs. Reza Nasri

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    This is another case where the knockout of the event is the winner by default. Brian Johnston scored the only knockout victory of the event.

    Reza Nasri, the Greco-Roman wrestling specialist, rushed across the Octagon quickly and tried to get Johnston to the ground.This approach backfired, as Johnston was able to get Nasri to his back with ease.

    From there, Johnson unleashed with a flurry of headbutts and right hands until the referee had no choice but to stop the bout.

Ultimate Ultimate 96: Tank Abbott vs. Steve Nelmark

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    Whenever Tank Abbott is involved in an event, fireworks are sure to ensue.

    In the semifinals of the second Ultimate Ultimate tournament, Tank went up against tournament alternate Steve Nelmark when Ken Shamrock was unable to continue.

    The fight started with Abbott going for a takedown, much to the surprise of nearly everyone. During the process, Nelmark was able to get a hold of Tank's neck, and went for a guillotine choke.

    Tank fought his way out of it and started to unload with wild haymaykers. But with all the crazy swinging Tank was doing, it was a short right hand that left Nelmark folded up like fresh laundry against the cage.

UFC 12: Vitor Belfort vs. Scott Ferrozzo

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    UFC 12 was the event in which Vitor Belfort became "The Phenom."

    After tearing through Tra Telligman in just 1:17, Belfort was matched in the finals of the four-man tournament against big time slugger Scott Ferrozzo.

    Despite a huge weight disadvantage, Belfort was able to drop Ferrozzo with a left hand and finish him off with punches on the ground in just 47 seconds to win the tournament.

UFC 13: Vitor Belfort vs. Tank Abbott

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    In the super fight of UFC 13, UFC 12 tournament winner Vitor Belfort took on the oh-so-popular Tank Abbott.

    Like his battle in the finals of UFC 12, Belfort was giving up a large amount of weight against Abbott. But once again, the weight difference never came in to play.

    After being put on his back for a brief moment, Belfort clinched up with Tank, and the two traded body shots.

    Shortly thereafter, Belfort started to unleash his blindingly fast hands on Tank's dome until Big John stepped in to stop the action just 52 seconds in to the match.

UFC 14: Mark Kerr vs. Moti Horenstein

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    After destroying all three of his opponents at WVC 3 in Brazil, Mark Kerr made his debut with the UFC in 1997.

    In his debut in the promotion, Kerr was quick to utilize his outstanding wrestling to put Horenstein on his back just seconds in to the fight.

    From there, is was all downhill for Horenstein. Kerr put a beating on him until the fight was finally stopped.

UFC 15: Mark Kerr vs. Greg Stott

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    Coming off his tournament victory at UFC 14, Kerr returned to action at UFC 15 with a bang.

    In the opening bout of the four-man tournament, Kerr faced off against a terribly over-matched Greg Stott.

    In just 17 seconds, Kerr blasted Stott in the face with a huge knee that put him down and out.

UFC 16: Frank Shamrock vs. Igor Zinoviev

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    In boxing, there is an old saying that one punch can change a fighter's career.

    In the case of Frank Shamrock vs. Igor Zinoviev, one slam effectively ended a fighter's career.

    Just moments after the fight began, Shamrock picked up Zinoviev and slammed him to the mat. Zinoviev was knocked out from the force of the massive takedown.

    To add insult to injury, Shamrock blasted Zinoviev in the face with a left hand.

    After this fight, Zinoviev never competed in MMA again.

UFC 17: Pete Williams vs. Mark Coleman

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    If you have never seen this knockout, odds are you live under a rock somewhere.

    After a grueling 12 minutes of fighting, Mark Coleman was visibly tired. On the other hand, the younger Pete Williams still had pep in his step.

    The end of the fight started when Williams connected with a low-leg kick. He then went to throw another one. Coleman thought it was going low, and defended like it was.

    But Williams came up high with it and the kick landed flush on Coleman's face, knocking him out cold.

Ultimate Brazil: Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva

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    Two outstanding, young Brazilians went toe-to-toe in the co-main event of the UFC's first trip to Brazil when Vitor Belfort took on Wanderlei Silva.

    The match started with both fighters being very tentative. Then as Silva moved in to engage, Belfort came at him with a barrage of punches unlike anything ever seen before.

    A few seconds—and about 20 punches—later, Silva laid dazed in the corner, wondering what happened to him and why he lost the fight.

UFC 18: Bas Rutten vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka

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    After his falling out with Pancrase, Bas Rutten made his debut in America in the UFC 18 main event against Tsuyoshi Kosaka in a heavyweight title elimination bout.

    The two fighters went to war for over 14 minutes. At one point, Kosaka broke Rutten's nose. When the doctor asked Rutten if he wanted to continue, Rutten famously replied "Yeah, f*** it."

    When the match continued, Rutten started to connect with punches that hurt Kosaka. Kosaka finally wilted to the pressure, ate a soccer kick to the face on his way to the mat, and it was all over.

UFC 19: Gary Goodridge vs. Andre Roberts

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    The best knockout of UFC 19 could also be one of the wussiest moments in MMA history.

    Andre Roberts came out aggressive against Gary Goodridge to start the bout. Roberts was able to land a few good punches before Goodridge took over the fight.

    Goodridge nailed Roberts with a few strong leg kicks before he landed the right hand that made Roberts turn his back and tell the referee that he was done fighting for the night.

UFC 20: Wanderlei Silva vs. Tony Petarra

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    Wanderlei Silva made his return to the Octagon at UFC 20, after his knockout loss to Vitor Belfort at Ultimate Brazil, against Tony Petarra.

    This time around, it wasn't Silva who was on the receiving end of a brutal knockout.

    Early in the fight, Petarra used his wrestling to close the distance and render Silva's superior striking useless. But as the round continued, Silva was able to create more distance and land a few punches and his crazy-powerful knees.

    Then end came when Silva caught Petarra in the muay thai plum, blasted him in the face with a knee, and that was that.