Detroit Lions Fans: Times Are Bad Now, but There's Hope

Brian BrennanContributor INovember 28, 2008

I am a Giants fan.  Right now we are the best football team in the league. I don't think anybody (unless your from Tennessee) can deny that. 

Certainly, what nobody can deny is how much the Detroit Lions suck. They've embarrassed themselves on national TV once again to fall to 0-12. They truly are the worst team in football.

You don't get to 0-12 by accident. You have to really be bad to get through 12 games and not win one of them. 

However, I feel their pain. I wasn't around at the time being only 17, but 30 years ago or so the Giants were the league's laughingstock.

I think we all remember Herman Edwards picking up a fumble and taking it to the house to win a game...and the burning in effigy of owner Wellington Mara.

Don't forget the ticket burnings in the parking lot and the banner that flew over Giants Stadium that said, "15 years of lousy football. We've had ENOUGH!" 

It paid off for us. We won two Super Bowls in the late 80s and early 90s, and were able to rebuild our entire franchise from the ground up with players like Phil Simms, the best football player of all time, in my opinion, Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Joe Morris, Harry Carson, etc.

So, it may not be all bad for the Lions. Everybody has a 2008 Lions-like season here and there. There is hope, however.

You can always rebuild the way the Giants did in the late 70s and early 80s and become a force for the next decade. When I'm at college, I can see the Lions getting out of their hole somewhat.

Another example is the Jets of the 90s. In 1996, they went 1-15, and really were a bad, bad team. But Bill Parcells came in and rebuilt from the ground up, like the Giants. Within two years, the Jets were 20 minutes away from the Super Bowl. 

If you Detroit Lions fans do not listen to me when I say this, let me use a quote from Monty Python and say, "Always look on the brighter side of life!"

Detroit isn't exactly Green Bay. You have three other sports teams in the city that are REALLY good. The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, the Pistons look really good, and the underachieving Tigers are always dangerous with their talent. 

But I'm telling you this right now:  In about four years, you won't need to rely on those teams to give you your thrill. Your Lions will be back to respectability.

Trust me, it happened twice over here in New York!