NFL Thanksgiving Fantasy Musings

Dan BentonCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all fantasy football fans and players.

Some NFL players have now become Thanksgiving turkeys themselves as they will have to watch from the sidelines either this week or for the rest of the NFL season. A few might have even played their last games of their career in the National Football League.

Some will be looking to get the league's reprieve for being allowed to enter the ranks of activity again.

Brady Quinn becomes the most notable name to get the axe in the NFL chopping block line for this weekend. His season has come to an end after waiting for his first one-and-a-half years to get the first starts of his career.

His action lasted a total of three starts, and he has now been placed on IR by the Cleveland Browns, which places this part of his career on hold while he decides this week whether he will have surgery to repair the damaged tendons on his throwing hand or not.

He had a choice of whether to play last week against Houston or not and decided to take the chance of risking further injury to his hand, which he did suffer. The last pass of this season for Quinn ended with an interception, and now he has to watch Derek Anderson come back into the starting lineup for the Browns for the remainder of this season.

Anderson, even if he finishes this season with a 5-0 mark, will unlikely be back with the Browns again next year. He is due a $5 million roster bonus in March if he is with the team, so a huge cloud of doubt hangs over him returning, even if head coach Romeo Crennel is not retained in a January evaluation by team owner Randy Lerner.

The Chicago Bears are reported to be close to placing defensive back Nathan Vasher on IR for the rest of the season and are also at the same time to be rumored to be deciding whether to even keep him on their roster next year.

If they are planning on cutting him in the offseason, there would be no reason to protect him on the IR, other than if that move allows them more leeway to get an active player on their roster immediately. Fantasy players that have the Chicago D/ST probably will not notice any difference in the outcome, as he has missed extensive time this season with various injuries.

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