ASBOS For Australian Cricket?

Greg SmithContributor INovember 27, 2008

Will Anti-Social Behavior Orders (ASBOS) Reform Australian Cricket ?


There are plenty of bad jokes around about Australia's heritage and history as a penal colony.


Rather than dive into and swim in that shark infested ocean, I'd encourage a more pro-active approach when it comes to reforming the image of Australian Cricket as the
"crims" or "convicts" of cricket.


2008 left Ricky Ponting and his men tagged as the worst behaved team in cricket, a game ironically supposed to once have been the gentleman's game.


The "Season of Spite" was a flare up of racial hatred and abuse between Australia and India which threw us all back into the dark days of 1950s Apartheid. Andrew Symonds was withdrawn from the return leg tour to India to limit damage caused earlier in Australia when racial tensions were sent past boiling point.


Cricket Australia has acted worse than Adolf Hitlers advisory council in all this and drawn the wrath of global free media upon themselves with a boycott aimed against them in protest of CENSORSHIP and lack of freedom of expression. CA are now attempting to clear up the dispute which saw the likes of Reuters, APP and others refuse to cover Australian cricket.


It all stems from a naïve culture in Australia which celebrates villians like America and Texans did in the 1830s. The worship of Jesse James like murderers is still a part of Aussie macho culture. Swagman and robbers are held to be hero's like alcoholics and foul mouthed delinquents.


England has pioneer ASBOS, anti-social behavior orders and Cricket Australia is being earmarked as the lab rats for this in 'the gentleman's game'.


With so much damage done, it's doubtful things will change overnight but comments like "it's hard NOT to lie in India," from Ricky Ponting and fellow Australians must slowly be nipped in the bud.