Can Home Form Save Sunderland From Relegation?

Andrew GowlandCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2008

The mighty Sunderland are still searching for an away win this Premiership campaign and having succumb to nine-straight defeats outside the Stadium Of Light...Things aren't looking too good for Kenwyne and co.

However, their fortunes at home could not be more contrasting, with three wins in the last three home games.

For Sunderland to survive in this vein of form, they must win almost every home fixture that they have.

Although they are able to stay away from any real trouble, their away-form is something that needs improving...and fast.

This can be put down to a number of things: Premiership inexperience, lack of enough real quality players, Dwight Yorke, or just plain bad luck.

Whatever the reason, I was disappointed that Keano wasn't able to add more class to the squad, and can't stand it when players turn down moves because "It's too far north" or they'd rather sit on the bench and pick up £40k a week.

Centreback is one area in particular that I feel we have a high quantity of players, but none, with the exception of United loanee Johnny Evans, who look capable.

"Insane" Mcshane had a good start to the season, but likes to move his legs faster than his brain can comprehend.

Danny "Lugs" Higginbotham looks solid when he's not gifting possession away, and Nyron Nosworthy, the cult hero—you just have to laugh when he 'Cryuff turns' the likes of Torres, or you would cry, cry with despair at his idiocy.

Now, I am a big fan of Nozza but he needs to learn to get rid of the possession. Players know what he's going to do. You can't give possessions away like he did against Tottenham.

That leaves only Russel Anderson who, so far in his Sunderland career, has given away a penalty at Wigan after coming on as a substitute and then spent a lengthy spell on the sidelines through injury.

That being said, it seems as though it will be a hard job to tighten up our defense.

Phil Bardsley looks like a Godsend at right-back and allows Deano to orchestrate things in midfield rather than Dwight Yorke, who takes weeks to pick out a pass.

There are enough teams that we can beat, so surely a win against Wigan and we must be away from the relegation battle?