WWE Hell in the Cell 2011: Why CM Punk Should Win the WWE Tile

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 27, 2011

CM Punk is in the WWE championship title picture and for good reason.

He is still one of the hottest stars in the WWE today. Fans are still chanting his name, they still support him, and he is one of the best every time he wrestles—there is nothing slowing him down.

In recent weeks both John Cena and Alberto Del Rio have made no impact on RAW. Cena has come out and done his normal Cena-type speeches about how he is not going to lose the title and Del Rio was not worthy being of champion. He teamed with Punk against Awesome Truth before they were fired.

Del Rio did have a match with John Morrison, and it was a quick one that was suppose to display the angry emotions of his character for losing the WWE title in first place. He has not made so much as a splash since. 

Fast forward to this week's RAW, the fans looked like they were going to get the same thing from both individuals as Cena made a normal Cena-like speech to the fans with the topic of Hell in A Cell in mind.

He then had a decent match with Christian that ended with Del Rio interfering by attacking Cena. 

When that was done, Del Rio had his match against Punk in the main event, and to say it simply: It was a great main event. Punk looked like he was going to dominate Del Rio and end the match with a clean win, but he battled back and looked strong in the ring.

Del Rio ended up taking the loss from CM Punk after a swift kick to the head. The Hell in A Cell came down and trapped Cena, Punk and Del Rio after Cena tried to go after Del Rio and instead got his announcer.

What ended up happening was Del Rio assaulted both men with a steel chair to end the show.

Del Rio made the impact he needed going into the PPV and that makes the picture more interesting, to say the least.

Why am I saying Punk should win the WWE title then at the PPV?

He draws better than both Cena and Del Rio. 

Need proof?

Last week on RAW when Punk and Triple H opened up the show, it was doing a 3.42 rating. The moment it ended and the eight-man match followed, more than one million people tuned off the show. The main event featured Punk and Cena in a tag match.That match gained back more than 172,000 more people.

It is true that Del Rio's match with John Morrison gained well over 500,000 people, but that is believed to be because of Hugh Jackman's appearance was right afterwards. To say Del Rio was drawing that huge number would be reaching.

When you combine the numbers of the main event and Del Rio, they do not add up to the numbers Punk and Triple H received. It was reported that the title change at Night of Champions happened because of the low ratings and WWE hoped it would change that.  

The ratings did raise slightly and overall barely passed the 3.0 line, but it was not mostly because of Cena but Punk. The fans are showing they want to see Punk more and not Cena. If WWE wants to solve its ratings problem, putting the title on Punk seems like the logical thing to do.

What does it have to lose by taking the WWE title from Cena and putting it on Punk? The ratings have been the lowest in 14 years. At this point, WWE should be trying anything to fix the problem, and from the numbers alone appears Punk would help in doing so.

WWE changed the owner of the WWE title solely based on ratings. Even though it only has been one full week since Night of Champions, the numbers do not lie: Fans want CM Punk. 

So, why doesn't the WWE give the fans Punk as champion and see if the numbers will continue to increase?

It has done it once—a second time would not hurt anyone, especially in this point in time. 


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