WWE Monday Night Raw: Triple H, a King Ready to Fall

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2011

A mighty king once sat upon a great throne that looked out upon his whole kingdom.

For miles and miles, he could see everything he owned and controlled, and it pleased him.

He was a tyrant of a ruler. He gave only power to those who he deemed worthy and cast aside others. He played favoritism and made grand decision that would destroy many men.

For 30 years, the king sat upon his throne safely and securely. No rebellion or uprising, no matter how potent, could knock him from his pedestal.

However, one day on the 31st year of his reign, that king looked down at his throne and realized the once mighty support that he had once held had crumbled.

What once was a mighty tower of unbreakable rock and clay had deformed into a bent and waning pile of mud and rock.

There was no way that this tower would stay stable and put together for long.

Surely enough, a rebel who had been cast aside by this tyrant king came along and cast a stone at the tower. The stone caught the tower with enough force that the king felt a shake.

Afraid, he began to beg the young rebel for mercy, "Look, just calm down. Let's be gentlemen here."

The rebel called back defiantly, "Give in to me, apologize for what you have done, and save your kingdom."

In a fit of fear, the king replied angrily but sincerely, "I apologize!"

Triumphant, the rebel taunted the king further, casting more stones at the tower.

The king felt his tower slowly collapsing underneath him. He begged and pleaded with the rebel to stop. He begged for mercy and humiliated himself to try to hold on to his kingdom but to no avail.

By the time the rebel's work was done, the grand throne of the king sat nearly demolished.

Crying and lost in anger, the king had lost everything. Seeing his father's weakness, a prince stepped in.

He ripped his father from his throne and called himself the King of Kings.

The old king disappeared in to the night, leaving this new king to begin rebuilding the grand throne.

Brick by brick, his work is slow and tedious. Even with the help of his court and jesters, the work does not progress easily.

A murmur set upon the land that this new king was weak and helpless. One of his loyal followers told him to sit upon the throne and show his almighty power.

The king in his arrogance accepted the advice and sat upon the unfinished throne.

Seeing this new monarch seated, the rebel returned to finish his work.

"Let's hear it for the new king!" the rebel taunted.

"Thank you, young subject," the king responded without thought.

The rebel continued to jab, "Who really pulls the strings though? Is it you? Your court? Your wife?"

Filled with rage and not thinking, the king stepped down from his throne. He threw down his gauntlets and brawled with the rebel.

Their battle raged long and hard. It lasted many days and nights. Their blows shook the earth and devoured the vegetation. It was great and terrible to witness.

Others would watch the fight. Some even coming to the aid of the rebel though with little success.

Through it all, the foundations of the newly made throne cracked, unseen to either man.

When the endless fighting ended, only the king stood tall, and he took his spot back upon his throne.

But he sat upon a throne that had no strong foundation. Many came to see the king and saw the cracks though they were unable to warn the king as his anger overruled his judgment.

On a final night, many rebels came together and collaborated to overthrow the great king.

They marched their way up to the king's throne and took a great boulder to the foundation of the throne.

The throne fell from its high height and shattered, and the new king lay broken and beaten.

While the rebels attempted to take control, they failed greatly.

In the chaos, the old king returned, unmarred by his former indignity. He came upon the scene of his former throne, and he laughed.

For he had built his old throne, and he would build a new one.

Even grander than the first.

And so it came to pass that the old king became the new king.


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