Not Enough Devotion: MMA Fighters Not Putting in the Time to Be the Best

CJ DacontaCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

MMA is said to be a sport where anything can happen; well, for the past three years it has basically been the same thing. A takedown here, a submission there, and a straight punch that sends an opponent on the floor.

I have said this before, but it's true. MMA has not branched out to the hundreds of other styles that are out there.  

Now everyone is gonna be like "they are proven in effective, etc., etc., etc." Have you ever seen a master in an martial art style that has been doing it since they were a child? They are amazing; they do things that just seem inhuman and they seem so confident in what they do will bring an attacker down. They know when and were to pull off the moves that they have drilled all their life in real combat because of years of training and learning.

Watch an episode of Human Weapons and check out some of the old masters of Karate and Taekwondo. I would never pick a fight with any of them; they would destroy anyone, no matter how physically fit. 

What about Iron skills that every intense Kung Fu master has trained in? Is MMA filled with a bunch of pansies that they cant handle jamming their fingers into rocks, or letting their instructors hit them with bats? Think about a fighter who has mastered Iron hand skills, his fists would be just as big as Brock Lesnar's and twice as hard!  

Research about Shaolin monks, and not the BS stuff on wikipedia. Most of them have been training since they were 5, and by the time they are 20 they have mastered at least a couple forms of iron skills, and have also been fighting several other kung fu masters in honor bouts. Those men are in some of the best physical and mental shape ever, they are in a state that no MMA fighter has ever achieved.

I would seriously bet on a Shaolin monk in a fight against a MMA fighter any day. Who is better, the MMA fighter with maybe 10 years of practice, or a monk who has practice 17 years of fighting and mind control?

That is another thing that sets apart great martial artists like Bruce Lee and a lot of the older masters from MMA fighters, they don't just physically know what to do, but their mind knows what to do and why to do it. They are in a state of complete and total calm and understanding. Have you seen an MMA fighter who just seemed like he doesn't care about a fight?

There are so many different philosophies out there about fighting and whats effective. Many people believe just because it's not simple means it's ineffective. There are moves in such techniques like Mizongyi, Long Fist, or Bak Fu Pai that just sound devastating, yet it takes such concentration and understanding to pull off that it is branded instantly useless. Well, what if someone did master those moves and used a Mizongyi Fajian punch and sent his opponent six feet across the mat? 

How about instead of learning to get out of submissions, how about learning to not get into submissions? Several martial arts teach about not letting your energy get the best of you and to always control everything you do so that way you never let your energy put you into a bad position, aka get into a submission.

I'm not saying that everything can work, but I am saying there is so many other things that can be put into MMA. There is something else out there besides Muay Thai, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu that can be even more devastating, yet no one has put the time in to find out. 

Wouldn't it be cool to see two fighters going at it and then one of them suddenly swing their arms in some classic long fist moves and just bash the opponent in the temple with a hard back fist? Or to have a fighter do a boxing head bob under a punch and do a snake fist to the liver and end a fight that way?

Fighters need to take that chance and spend the time training in something new. Bruce Lee spent years looking at several martial arts and several training methods and look what he became, basically a god among fighters.

I just recently got a book that is basically a giant encyclopedia of martial arts. It has opened my eyes to how much MMA doesn't have, and what could be really useful in a match if only someone would come along and master it.

You know if one person mastered a new style and came in and started dominating in the ring, everyone would start to do the same. Look at BJJ, no one knew about that, then Royce dominated the fights and then suddenly its mandatory to have some form of BJJ training in order to survive a MMA bout.