Quentin Richardson Whines About Marbury Not Playing

Steven ResnickSenior Writer INovember 27, 2008

Quentin Richardson today spoke out against Stephon Marbury by stating this:

"He hasn't played with us all year. Regardless of what you have going on with the organization or what you have going on with your coach or whateveryou're not going to allow your teammates to be left out there the way we were basically being left out there. Once again, I don't pay attention to [Stephon] because I don't look at him as a teammate anyway."

Wow! Quentin, what a whiner. The Knicks should have bought out Marbury as soon as Mike D'Antoni was hired as coach. Instead, they left him out of everything. D'Antoni flat out told Stephon Marbury that he's not in the Knick's plan for the future.

So, it's definitely ironic that now that Donnie Walsh has traded away players to get salary cap space once Lebron James becomes a free agent in 2010, The Knicks suddenly need Marbury to play. It's not Marbury's fault that the Knicks just traded away Zack Randolph and Jamal Crawford and it's not Marbury's fault that some of their guards have gone down with injuries

Another thing that's ironic is how D'Antoni is so irate with Marbury for not playing. Well guess what? Why should Marbury play so he can risk injury for a coach that has basically told him that he's not part of the team?

D'Antoni was the integral part of getting Marbury traded when he was in Phoenix. Even though when D'Antoni first started out as coach for the Knicks he claimed it was a business decision to trade Marbury to the Knicks and that he would like to coach Marbury.

Yet, right after the announcement of D'Antoni being coach of the Knicks a story came out stating that D'Antoni wanted to ship Marbury out the door for Leandro Barbosa and Boris Diaw.

So, even before this whole thing with D'Antoni and Marbury asking if he wanted to play. D'Antoni was already looking to push Marbury out the door. The Knicks just need to face the fact and that is D'Antoni does't want Marbury on the team and Marbury doesn't want to play for a coach who doesn't want him.

Even if the talks between Marbury and the Knicks for a buyout havnen't gone anywhere they have to start getting it done now. James Dolan owner of the Knicks is going to have to fold eventually. Even if the Knicks suspend Marbury he's going to appeal the suspension.

The best thing for the Knicks is to let go of Marbury and let him sign with another team. The Knicks are the laughingstock of the NBA and their coach is leading the way. 

On a sidenote: D'Antoni is the one that shot himself in the foot by saying that Marbury was not apart of the organization. If he hadn't said that to Marbury he would have been playing.