XWA Wrestling Recap: Quest For Gold 9.17.2011

Peter Hopey@phopeyCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2011

XWA presents Quest For Gold
XWA presents Quest For Gold

Much of what we’ve witnessed over the past few months in the XWA has led up to this momentous Saturday evening here at the Lord Beaverbrook Arena in Saint John, New Brunswick. Tonight, in this very ring, one of the longest running rivalries in our industry is going to come to a screeching halt.

Tonight, two men will enter a modern day Roman Coliseum to do battle. There is no guarantee that either one of them will be leaving this building alive.

The lucky fans in attendance are ready to witness what has been a bitter, and bloody feud between fan favourite Dazzling Dick Durning and The Canadian Icon, Ryan Heath, culminate in a showdown of epic proportions.

There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide as the main event will take place inside a 15-foot high steel cage. Ladies and gentlemen, XWA presents, Quest for Gold.

In addition to the final battle between Durning and his former tag team partner Ryan Heath, we’ll see the XWA Elite Championship decided in a scramble match.

One of the contenders for the prize will be the “recently stripped of the title” Wesley Pipes. He’ll be taking on Barstool Bailey, Julius Fantana, Zane Valentine, Johnny Versace, and El Handsimo.

The Sheik will be close on hand to mentor his protégé Shaheer Rasool against General Duce. General Duce will need to be looking over his shoulder at all times given the Sheik's propensity for interference.

In addition to those great matches, Sunny Warcloud will go one on one with KI Real. This will be a rematch from last months “Retribution” event during which Warcloud emerged with a hard-fought victory. One can only assume that Real will have vengeance on his mind as he attempts to even the score.

And in the other big match of the night, Raj Mahal will be teaming with the Wave Riders and a mystery partner to take on the FRAT and their mystery partner. At this time, neither team has provided any hint as to who their mystery fourth member will be.

One can only assume that for strategic purposes, it makes more sense to hold on to that information until the very last minute (preventing the opponents from being able to prepare and train for a specific individual).

Last month, Raj Mahal was on the wrong end of a beatdown at the hands of the FRAT. No doubt he’s gone to great lengths to secure a high calibre talent to help exact some.

What follows is a detailed recap of the event:

Segment 1 – Recap video & Opening video

First off we’re treated to a detailed recap of last months Retribution event. The highlights of the night included:

1. Dick Durning forcing Ryan Heath to re-sign their Quest For Gold matchup (with the aid of the local Saint John City Police)

2. Sunny Warcloud pulling off a huge win when he was able to roll up KI Real in a small package to get the victory

3. Shaheer Rasool extended his winning unbeaten streak when he beat El Handsimo (with intermittent assistant from his manager, the Sheik)

4. Nelson Hum listened to Wesley Pipes plead for his belt back only to make the 5 man scramble match for the XWA Elite Championship against four other individuals he had cheated to beat

5. Julius Fantana was declared the winner via DQ after opponent Zane Valentine delivered a low blow which resulted in the contest being halted

6. Dazzling Dick Durning beat Johnny Versace and then faced off against Ryan Heath post match

Next up on the screen we get a montage focusing on Heath and Durning and their big main event this evening. Each competitor is asked about their thoughts going into the match. Heath makes a point of ensuring we understand that tonight, it ends.

Dick agrees, saying that Heath will be leaving the arena in one of two ways, either on a stretcher, or in a body bag. Intense promo work from both superstars and if you weren’t excited about this showdown before, you are now.

Segment 2 – JD and Coug talk to the crowd

Once the video for tonight’s big main event finishes up we go to Coug who has already made his way into the ring. Coug asks if everyone is ready for some action tonight. Crowd of course responds with great enthusiasm. Scanning the LBR this evening confirms that we’ve got the ringside area absolutely jam packed with fans.

Coug follows up with “are you ready for Quest for Gold?” Of course they are! Crowd is hot right out of the gates. Coug reminds the crowd that tonight’s main event will be contested in a 15 foot high steel cage. There will be no DQ, no countout, no submission, and no pinfall.

The only way to win the match will be to exit via the door, or to climb the cage and exit over the top, with both feet hitting the floor outside. At stake is the XWA Heavyweight Championship.

Coug asks the crowd who they are pulling for and to virtually no one’s surprise, the fans are pulling for Durning. Enough with the formalities, let’s get this party started!

Match 1 – Elite Championship Scramble (Wesley Pipes, Barstool Bailey, Julius Fantana, Zane Valentine, Johnny Versace & El Handsimo)

We’re kicking things off tonight with the XWA Elite Championship belt. The rules of this match are relatively simple. We’ll start with two combatants. New competitors will enter at designated intervals. Standard match rules apply meaning that you can gain a victory via submission or pinfall, A competitor can lose via DQ or countout.

First out is none other than Wesley Pipes. Pipes takes his time getting to the ring clearly unimpressed he has to fight  to get back what he feels is rightly his in the first place. He’s got that trademark cape extended showing us those biceps of his. The crowd is booing him relentlessly as he paces around the ring.

The crowd is waiting to see who’s next and it’s going to be fan favourite Julius Fantana! As is typical with Fantana, he’s all but shot out of a cannon as he streaks down the ramp and through the crowd, slowing down only to high- and low-five his fans. He circles the ring then heads up to the sideboards greeting fans in the bowl area!

Eventually he finds his way into the ring where he works his way from post to post giving some great poses for anyone at ringside with flash photography. Once he has made his way around to all the corners, he is FINALLY ready to go to work.

Ref calls for the bell and we are underway. Right out of the gates Pipes starts to put the boots to Fantana. He gets him into the corner and lands some stiff head shots. Fantana catches Pipes off guard and quickly has him set for the 506.

Fantana seizes the moment and bounces off the ropes. As he grabs the ropes to swing his legs, Pipes catches his feet, powers him up to his shoulder, carries him to the corner, and deposits him on the turnbuckle.

Before he can climb up and land a high impact move, Fantana cinches in a grip around Pipes and lands a flying DDT temporarily putting Pipes on dream street. Fantana heads up for another high impact move. He positions himself for a moonsault but misses!

Pipes is back up clearing his head. He slingshots Fantana into the corner following up with a running shoulder block. Fantana is limp in the corner. Pipes pulls him out, drops him to the mat, and tries for the pin, but Fantana is able to kick out.

Pipes heads back to the corner, climbs up, and delivers a stomp to the gut off the second rope! Pipes gets points for originality as you don’t see that very often. He tries for the pin again and is only able to get the two count.

Wait, it’s time for the next entrant in this scramble and it’s…. Johnny Versace! Fantana is still down and reeling from an extended beating at the hands of Pipes. Pipes watches Versace step through the ropes and decides it’s a good time for a break. Pipes relaxes on the ropes while Versace goes to work.

Versace drops the axe handles to the back of Fantana and attempts the pin, but Fantana is still able to kick out. Pipes sets him up for running shoulder breaker and delivers it with authority. Versace decides it’s time for HIM to take a break.

Pipes attempts a pin, but Fantana kicks out at 2. Versace gets back into the action delivering a swinging neckbreaker for another 2 count on Fantana. Pipes and Versace are working quite well together. Back body drop to Fantana by Versace and the ref counts yet another 2. Fantana must be running out of “lives” here.

The double team continues. Pipes and Versace throw Fantana into the ropes and then Versace delivers a reverse atomic drop. Fantana is back down on his back writhing in pain. Versace goes for the pin, and the crowd hears music…

As Fantana kicks out, in comes Barstool Bailey! The Irish music is blaring, and we’re about to see how lucky Barstool will be tonight at Quest for Gold. Bailey has his trademark barstool and keg of beer with him. You and I carry car keys and tic tacs, not Bailey.

Bailey takes forever coming through the curtain but finally begins to make his way down the ramp and towards the ring. Meanwhile, Fantana is still down on the mat recovering from the ongoing beatdown.

Pipes and Versace are stalking Bailey while he makes his way to the ring. They begin to size Barstool up as he steps through the ropes.

Bailey is quick to duck the double team. Versace and Pipes miss with an attempted double clothesline which Bailey reverses into a clothesline of his own. Bailey is getting elevation and delivering some huge rights from about a foot in the air. The punches are quite effective (although perhaps illegal?) as both Versace and Pipes are down to the mat.

Bailey is a one-man wrecking crew! As they get to their feet, Bailey slams their heads together and both fall back down to the mat. On the way down, Versace’s leg flies up in the air and strikes Pipes between the legs. Ouch!

Bailey decides to focus on the remaining man, Fantana, They both struggle to gain control. Bailey has Fantana sitting on the mat driving his knee into his back (while stretching his arms back as far as he can). He really has that cinched in.

Eventually, Fantana finally works his way out of the hold. Bailey is trying to apply another hold to Fantana, but Fantana catches him offguard with some offense of his own.

Bailey is prime for a 506. Fantana hits the ropes and wham, Versace demolishes him with a spear. Fantana rolls out of the ring and Pipes and Versace go back to working tag team against Bailey this time. Now more double team action, but this time it’s Bailey on the receiving end of Pipes and Versace’s offense.

Versace slides out of the ring to get Baileys keg of beer. He brings it back into the ring and appears to be forcing Bailey to ingest it. After 30 seconds or so of chugging brew, Bailey looks woosy. Instant drunk. Pipes virtually tips him over and lets him fall to the mat. Bailey is both the first to get drunk tonight, and the first to be eliminated in this scramble.

Pipes and Versace return to beating down Fantana. Versace has Fantana laying across his knee waiting for Pipes to drop the elbow from the corner. Fantana fights out, kicking Versace to the mat, then darting to the corner to administer a Huracanrana to Pipes!

Next in is Zane Valentine. Valentine starts admonishing Versace and Pipes as to why they haven’t eliminated Fantana yet. Valentine quickly applies a full nelson to Fantana which turns into a quick body slam. He attempts to pin Fantana with one foot but Fantana gets the shoulder up at two.

Versace sees an opening, and wisely goes after Valentine rolling him up into a small package. With some help from Pipes, they are able to hold him for the three-count eliminating Valentine. We’re back to 3 legal guys in the ring.

Even though Valentine has been eliminated, he delivers a Fallaway slam to Fantana. Security tries to get him to leave the ringside area and he gives them a few shots for their troubles. Pipes and Versace are still in the ring watching it all take place.

Valentine, having moved outside the ring now, is still working on Fantana. He drops him face first on the apron as a parting shot. Finally, he beats 2 more security guys down before leaving Fantana in a heap.

Fantana is back in the ring now and Pipes gets another 2 count. Pipes and Versace grab Fantana and deliver a nice double suplex. The last competitor in the match is now on his way to the ring, it’s El Handsimo! And wow, he is shaking and jiving and swaying and dancing his way down to the ring. Ricky Martin beware!

Meanwhile in the ring, Versace delivers a catapult to Fantana sending him straight into a big boot by Pipes. Fantana has got to be running on fumes at this point. Meanwhile, Handsimo dances his way into the ring. He is pumping those hips like there’s no tomorrow, and seems to be focusing on Wesley Pipes.

Handsimo reaches up and pulls his mask off. It’s James Steele!!!!! OMG! Pipes is as white as a ghost! Pipes stands in complete amazement and then bails out of the ring. For a big man, he can sure move when he needs to. Pipes heads up the ramp and out through the curtain with Handsimo in hot pursuit.

Somewhere along the way the ref has completed his 10 count and it is announced that both Handsimo (or Steele rather) and Pipes have been eliminated. Hopefully Steele is somewhere in the back giving Pipes a piece of his mind.

That leaves us with just Versace and Fantana still in the match. Versace is looking good here and has been on the giving end of a lot of punishment tonight (whereas Fantana has been on the receiving end). Fantana happens to catch Versace with a stiff side kick to the head sending Versace to dream street.

Fantana goes for the finisher and heads up to the corner. He catches great air during the execution of his 450 splash. Great impact, and BOOM we have ourselves a new XWA Elite Champion!!

Fantana is posing for the crowd and letting everyone get a picture of the new champ. Fantana is one resilient guy as he took a lot of offense. Great win for him.

Match two – KI Real vs. Sunny Warcloud

Next up tonight is KI Real vs. Sunny Warcloud. Warcloud comes out first to lots of applause from the fans. KI Real is now making his way to the ring with his manager Mr. Wallace. Real climbs into the ring and leaps up to the corner seeking some love from the fans.

There’s little to be found for Real although Sunny doesn’t seem to have any trouble getting some cheers from the Saint John faithful.  It’s clearly a pro-Warcloud crowd tonight.

The match begins and Real wastes no time before going out through the ropes looking for a break. After getting his wish, he slinks back into the ring and decides he is going to do some stretching. They’re about to get together again when Real drops down and slides to the outside. Evidently he is going to take a little time to talk strategy with Mr. Wallace.

Sunny looks like he has had enough and heads outside after Real. In the process he takes down Wallace with a clothesline. Both guys are now back in the ring and Warcloud takes control. Clothesline by Sunny and he follows it up with a flying elbow.

Sunny goes for a flying cross body but Real catches him in the air (little demonstration of power) and holds him for a few seconds. He re-positions Warcloud and slings him it into a DDT.

Real has taken control now. He’s into the corner with Sunny and delivers multiple knees to the gut which leave Warcloud woozy. Real administers a few closed fists to the back of the head and down goes Sunny again. Real is focusing on the upper back and neck area.

Real gives him a back body drop and then delivers another round of kicks to the back. He stands Sunny up to his feet and punches him in the face. Snap mare and he follows up by stretching his arms while drive his knee into Sunny’s back.

Sunny is almost able to power up and out but Real puts him back down to the mat. Ref is suspicious as to how he was able to get Sunny back down to the mat so easily. Real takes a moment  to demonstrate how he did NOT pull hair. Real sends Sunny into the ropes and eventually after some criss crossing, both go down as a result of dueling clotheslines.

Ref is issuing the standard 10-count. They’re finally up at about 7. Real powers Sunny back down to the mat. While Mr. Wallace distracts the ref, Real continues to choke Sunny.

Sunny is in the corner and Real heads to the opposite corner, and then attempts to deliver a flying shoulder. Sunny ducks out at the last second and finally musters up some offense with a headbutt.

At some point, Mr. Wallace had set a chair on the apron for Real, but Sunny gets to it first. After picking it up. he takes the high road and opts not to use it. While Wallace distracts the ref, Real goes to his chain and demolishes Sunny with a straight right to the jaw. I think I heard bone crunching.

The crowd starts with “this ref sucks” chants while the striped authority figure counts the 1-2-3. This might as well have been a handicap match from the start. Sunny fought hard, but could not pull out the win tonight.

Real is leaving to some huge heat from the crowd. Sunny finally recovers from the cheap shot and slowly makes his way to the back with ref’s assistance.

Match 3 – Shaheer Rasool vs. General Duce

We’re ready for the third match of the evening. This one pits the relative newcomer from Iraq Shaheer Rasool against local fan favourite from Gagetown, New Brunswick, General Duce.

Referee Steve Doussaud is back out to ref this match. Leading Rasool out from the back is The Sheik, who is waving his Iraqi flag. Rasool is down on bended knee to admire the flag. The crowd boos relentlessly. The Sheik paces around the ring. Rasool looks extra crazy tonight (if that is possible). For those who are keeping score, the in ring announcer Coug just blessed himself.

Sheik goes on to talk about the 10 year anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11 in Washington and New York. He demands that we stand and pay a minutes tribute to Osama Bin Laden. The crowd doesn’t seem enthusiastic about taking him up on that offer.

General Duce is now making his way to the ring with his Canadian flag! He receives great applause from the fans as he waves the red and white. He makes his way all around the ring. General Duce is definitely one of the highlights of the night for these fans.

Duce is into the ring now and he proceeds to wave the flag in Rasool’s face. Sheik is leaning through the ropes to taunt the kids in the front row. Evidently it’s someone’s birthday tonight.

We get our first “Canada” chant of the evening. This has broken into a flag waving contest with standard cheers and boos for the respective flags. The referee takes the Canadian flag and waves it for all to see.

Duce is up on one ringpost and Rasool attacks him from behind, knocking him outside of the ring! Rasool delivers rights and lefts and then tries to slingshot Duce into the exterior corner post. Duce is able to reverse it. Finally both guys roll into the ring and Duce continues to deliver some offense.

Rasool counters an attempted slingshot into the corner and follows it up with a high knee. Duce is struggling to get up now. Rasool gets Duce up against the ropes and proceeds to straddle and choke him. Crowd is not happy about this.

While the refs back is turned, Sheik applies some additional choking and the fans are up in arms. Once the ref lets Rasool go, he’s back to some of his own choking action again.

Duce is now hanging neck first across the ropes and Rasool jumps outside and snaps Duce back into the ring. Rasool is going up to the corner. Tries for his version of a 450 splash move and misses!. Duce is now back to his feet and delivers some rights and lefts.

Duce sends Rasool Into the ropes and delivers a huge clothesline. Duce follows it up with a big flying forearm. Duce slingshots Rasool into the corner, leaving him hanging limp. Duce takes a good run at Rasool but misses.

Rasool is in the corner getting some council from Sheik. Sheik gives a foreign object to Rasool who (while Sheik distracts the ref) proceeds to gauge at Duce in the corner. Duce is flailing around and appears to have been severely cut. Rasool pulls him out of the corner and surprisingly only gets a 2 count.

Rasool signals that he is going up for his flying finishing elbow (I’ve yet to determine what he calls it, but it starts out with his mimicking the planes hitting the WTC and the buildings falling down).

Out of nowhere, Sheik covers ears when crowd spontaneously starts singing Oh Canada. Once again, Rasool misses the high impact move and is in a heap of pain.

Duce appears to be busted open courtesy of the Sheik’s foreign object. He comes out of the corner with another flying forearm into face. Solid suplex in the middle of the ruing. Duce delivers more rights and follows it by throwing him into the ropes, and catching him with a sidewalk slam.

Duce is up to the corner himself to deliver his own flying elbow which JUST catches him. Looks like it hurt Duce as well. Sheik is pacing and seems concerned that Rasool is in some major trouble now.

Sheik pulls Duce through the ring ropes and gives a couple of punches. All of a sudden he lights something on fire and throws it in Duce’s face! Not only was Duce bleeding profusely already, now he’s got potential second or third degree burns from whatever it was Sheik blinded him with!

Rasool pounces when Duce stumbles back into the ring and locks in a submission peruivian necktie! That’s all folks as Duce quickly taps to give Rasool the win. Between the foreign object and then being burned with fire, Duce may as well have been in a handicap match.

Afterwards, Rasool and Sheik rough up the referee. They subsequently lay the Canadian flag across Duce. Rasool spits on the flag and Duce. I gotta think he’ll pay for that sometime down the road.

While Rasool walks out with his hands over ears to block out the boos, Sheik is looks rather proud of himself  for all the dirty deed doing he did tonight.

Sheik leaves to quite a few fans (both young and old) sending him off with a one fingered salute. They are about ready to lynch him if they could. Duce finally is up and requires help to stand. Additional referees head out from the back to help get Duce to the dressing room. Looks like he lost a lot of blood. We’re taking an impromptu break while we get the ringside area and mats back to pristine condition in preparation for our next match

Nightmare addresses former XWA Heavyweight Champion Robert Rogue

Nightmare has a microphone out back and has something on his mind that he wants to direct at Robert Rogue. He asks Rogue who he thinks he is. He says he asked for a match with Rogue but that Rogue claimed he was injured and couldn’t go. Nightmare says he is mad, and when he gets angry, people get hurt. FRAT comes up to him and points out that they are still looking for a fourth man.

Josh mentions that his dad has lots of money and that perhaps a little cash might help Nightmare make his mind up as to whether he wants to join them for a match. Nightmare agrees, and they walk away to talk more business.

Match 4 – War of Survival (FRAT and Nightmare vs. Raj Mahal, Wave Riders, and mystery partner)

The announcer says that it’s time for the war of survival 8 man tag team elimination match. It’s a 4 on 4 match, 1 competitor from each side will start, and the match will continue until all people are eliminated.

First out are the FRAT boys, who drive to the ring. Dale is barely out of the car and he’s shaking it already. Gyration Nation brings their tag team gold with them while Josh bring his briefcase. And tonight, for one time only, FRAT announces their fourth member, Nightmare!

Dale is already in the ring stripping off his tearaways, Dangles has 69 painted on his back. Nightmare is up to the corner and looks to be a pretty agile for a big man.

And their opponents…

Out comes Raj Mahal flanked by the Wave Riders, Mikey Rave and Kayden Rave. The boys are ready to go and are stripping off their t-shirts on the way to the ring. Raj is gladhanding it with all of the fans and the ring is starting to look a little crowded.

And now, for the fourth member of their team, it’s Slick McGrick! The crowd is going bananas for Slick. Is this guy over or what? McGrick is up to the outside of the turnbuckle to wave to his fans, and then climbs into the ring. The good guys have now taken over the ring and the bad guys have exited stage left to the outside.

The good guys are already stomping a chant (in unison with the crowd) and decide that it’s Raj who will start things off. FRAT sends Chip in. Raj is talking to Chip who seems to be trying to bait a tag. Raj (either falling for the trick or feeling his partner is more than capable of handling himself) eventually opts to tag in Mikey.

“Let’s go Mikey” chants start. A quick back shoulder slide almost takes Mikey out. They are working on Mikey pretty hard from the get go. Baiting Raj into tagging in Mikey may be paying off.

In comes Nightmare and he is taking it to Mikey. Clothesline off the ropes and Mikey goes down hard. NICE snap suplex in the middle of the ring. Mikey takes a pretty solid beating for what seems like an eternity, Finally he reverses a move and tags in Kayden. Kayden delivers some stiff offense and Nightmare is down. Kayden is stalking his prey waiting for him to get to his feet.

Kayden runs up the ropes and lands a swinging DDT on Nightmare. The tag to McGrick. Flying elbow misses, and Nightmare is back up to his feet. Nightmare slingshots McGrick into FRAT’s corner. Josh has been tagged in and is stretching McGrick out. McGrick finally is cinched into a submission move and reluctantly has to tap out. That's the first casualty in this war of attrition leaving us at 4-3 for the FRAT team.

Josh is in the ring now working on Kayden. The crowd tries to get into it to motivate Kayden. Kayden attempts a move but it is reversed into a back body drop. Quick tag and Nightmare is back in.

The FRAT team is working really well and has been tagging in and out, keeping their opponents away from their corner, and delivering some power moves mixed in with some amateur wrestling holds and stretches.

Nightmare is now working on the arm of Kayden. Powerful punch to the back of the shoulder. Oh oh.., Looks like another snap suplex delivered with authority, and over goes Kayden.

Nightmare slings Kayden into the corner, but misses the follow up. Kayden runs up the corner ropes and bulldogs him. A move that would ground most men, and Nightmare seems to have just shook it off. This guy is a monster.

Powerbomb by Nightmare on Kayden in middle of the ring. He takes a couple of seconds to pose but still has time to get the pin. Now we’re down to 4 versus 2, FRAT with the upper hand.

Mikey is in now and is doing his best to try and stay in the match. Nightmare drops Mikey face first outside the ring. Raj tries to intervene on his behalf. Nightmare is back in and gives another power bomb,

Tree of woe on Mikey and the FRAT team is in to administer a 3 on 1 beatdown. Chip is doing some serious damage. The ref seems preoccupied by keeping Raj out of the ring while all this goes on behind his back, The FRAT team grabs Mikey by the arms and legs, (a la throwing someone in the air on a beach towel) and sends him about 10 feet up, then back down landing with a hard splat on his back and head.

This is just pure domination by the FRAT team. Powerslam off the corner turnbuckle and slams him with authority. The pin on Mikey and it’s down to Raj versus all of the FRAT team. If I was a betting man… I’d still put my money on Raj!

Raj seems ready to go. Dangles is finally in to some action and does his locomotive thing. He misses Raj and soars shoulder first into the corner. Two stiff clotheslines by Raj later, Raj gets the pin and out goes Dale. Now we’re down to 3 on 1.

Nightmare is in now and is trying to stretch Raj out. It seems like Nightmare will not let him out of the move even though the ref has told him to break it up. He must be doing something illegally or maybe it’s that he simply is not listening to the referee.

Eventually, Nightmare is DQ’d and sent to the back. Before leaving, he throws some chairs in to the ring. One had a patron’s shirt caught on the leg of it, and it went flying in the ring with the chair. Sorry about that sir.

Now we’re down to 2 on 1. The Roll the Dice winner (Josh) and Chip Chambers versus Raj (who has already sustained some significant abuse). Josh is waiting for Raj to finally get up after the damage inflicted by Nightmare.

He’s barely up to his feet and Josh comes off the ropes with a modified swinging neckbreaker. That’s enough to put Raj down for the count. That’s it folks, the FRAT team is your winner. Chip is in and he and Josh decide to linger around and talk a little garbage to Raj before he leaves the ring. Raj takes quite a while to get up off his feet but finally is able to leave without the aid of a stretcher. The crowd sends him to the back with applause for the effort.


[During the intermission the 15 foot high steel cage is built and safety checked for the main event.]

Match five – Dazzling Dick Durning vs Ryan Heath (c)

A recap video of the years action is played and if you are not psyched up for this one, then you better get your head checked. We first get the challenger out as is standard protocol. Dazzling Dick Durning has been waiting a long time for this opportunity to get the gold. He’s into the ring, and he’s staying fairly focused in his pacing.

And out comes the champion, the Canadian Icon, Ryan Heath. Heath is taking his sweet time getting to the ring. This could be seen as judgment day by some. Heath’s time of reckoning may be upon him.

Before these two even get in the ring, Dick goes bounding across the ring off the ropes, and is flying out into Heath taking him down. He’s up to deliver backhand chops in rapid succession. They make their way all around the outside of the cage as Heath tries to get away.

Dick takes him through the ringside area, and throws Heath into the boards. They brawl on the floor, and back through the ringside area. They’re finally back in the ring and the bell sounds to signify the official start of the match. Dick continues with the upper hand as Ryan tries to crawl up the cage and make a quick escape. Dick drops him down as he straddles the top rope. Ouch.

Dick is able to snap mare him down and delivers a chop to the back of the head. You can hear it echo throughout the building. He gives him another, and another. Finally pulls Heath up to his feet, sends him into the corner, and kicks him square in the face. Dick runs at Heath (still in the corner) and misses, going up and over the top rope. Heath now has the upper hand as the “Randall” chants begin.

Heath has Dick’s face up against the cage and is grinding it against the metal. Heath holds his foot against the back of Dick’s head and continues grating it against the fence. He takes Dick into the corner and continues the facial abuse against the steel cage. Down come the straps and Ryan thinks he is in control. Dick’s face has been busted wide open and the blood is flowing.

Dick somehow regains control and he has Heath in the corner. He heads across the ring and manages to hit him with three consecutive high knees. Dick’s face is now a proverbial crimson mask. Dick kicks Heath in the face and down he goes.

Dick is going up to the corner for some high risk move. Heath is to his feet and sprints to the corner. He climbs up the ropes and eventually has Dick in position for a belly to back suplex. He executes this off the top rope launching Dick across the ring.

Heath throws Dick into the cage once, than a second time.  Heath is pacing the ring and taunting the Saint John faithful.

But as often happens when you get a little too arrogant, it costs you. Dick suddenly reverses a hold, walks Heath up the turnbuckle, and delivers a huge powerbomb from the top rope, sending Heath to the mat with authority.

Both men now are catching their breath as that maneuver took a lot out of both. Once they finally get back to their feet Durning delivers a spear which sends Heath down. Dick looks like he’s ready to claim the heavyweight championship. He’s about to leave through the door until Heath decides to spit on him.

Oh oh… Dick looks irate, and has evidently changed his mind. “Payback’s a bitch” he says. Somehow he’s able to get his hands on a chair without actually leaving the cage. He attempts to hit Heath but he ducks, and Dick accidently knocks out the ref!

Heath tries desperately to leave through the steel door but Dick catches up to him. As Heath tries to crawl out through the second rope, Durning pulls the cage door closed nine times on Heath’s face. He stops before delivering the final blow, and yells to his fiancée to do the honours. She delivers good old No. 10 to fan approval.

Dick looks like he is ready to deliver his finisher but Heath counters and administers two german suplexes. Meanwhile the referee is still down. Heath kicks Dick in the groin, and proceeds to deliver a 3rd, and a 4th, and a 5th, then a 6th, and a 7th, and then 8, and 9... It’s tiring just watching it let alone wondering how Dick could survive all this punishment.

Heath is able to get him up to the top rope, seats him on the turnbuckle, and deliver the 10th German suplex. Wow, that had impact and ouch written all over it!

Durning chant breaks out as Heath crawls to the corner of the ring to grab some sort of cord. He proceeds to wrap it around Dicks neck, throw him into the ropes, and then pulls on the cord as he rebounds which ultimately yanks Dick down to the mat.

Heath says“he’s done”. He starts his ascent up the cage. Heath gets to the top and finally Dick is up. He runs to the cage, and climbs up to the top. They are both seated on the top of the edge of the cage and are trading blows back and forth.

The crowd proceeds to chant “please don’t die.” Heath gets the upper hand and eventually Dick falls to the mat. Heath appears to have this one in the bag.

Heath is taking his time making his way down the outside of the cage, but Dick races over and reaches through grabbing at Heath. He’s hanging onto his boot. He seems to be unlacing it. He pulls the laces through the cage and ties his boot to the fence! Heath can’t climb down any further! Dick doesn’t want to miss this opportunity so he scales the cage quickly, goes over the top, and drops to the ground to win the Heavyweight belt. Heath is still hanging from the cage moaning while Dick poses with the belt.

Event closes out with Dick in the ring and belt in hand. A limping heath stumbles to the back in obvious pain. Is this the end of their blood feud? We’ll soon know when we have our next event at Sam de Cham on Oct. 7.


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