Lita: 3 Reasons She Could Be a Diva of Doom

TJ WalkerContributor IIISeptember 27, 2011

Lita: 3 Reasons She Could Be a Diva of Doom

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    In the subpar Divas division of today's WWE, two young women have teamed up in order to bring respect, legitimacy and class back to the WWE Divas. And those two women are "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix, and third-generation Diva, and daughter to "The Anvil" Jim Neidhart, Natalya.

    These two are, without doubt, two of the best wrestlers in the WWE—male or female. Both of the beautiful ladies have spent many years honing their craft so that they could earn the awesome honor of being called a WWE Diva.

    Fast-forward to today and the Divas division is nowhere near where it used to be. Many of the women there are former models with no formal training. And even the ones who have been trying hard to improve are nowhere near the levels of Phoenix and Natalya. 

    And yet somehow, Natalya has only held one Divas Championship and Phoenix has yet to win the title! How is it that the two best Divas in the company have had so little (or no) opportunities to hold the "Butterfly Belt"?

    Apparently, the two of them wondered the same thing and thus, the Divas of Doom were born. On the 08/01/2011 edition of Monday Night Raw, Beth Phoenix proceeded to boldly declare that the days of the perky little bimbos were over. On the 08/05/2011 edition of Friday Night Smackdown, Natalya would  dismantle one of the newest Divas AJ (who actually has more training than most of the other Divas, being a former tag champion in Women Uncensored Wrestling).

    Despite their claims to bring talent and class back to the Divas division, the Divas of Doom have been on a losing streak with Phoenix losing to Kelly Kelly in two straight PPVs and Natalya losing to Eve via roll-up.

    Maybe the Divas of Doom need some extra firepower to help them accomplish their goal. And what symbolizes firepower more than a bad*** rocker with long red hair, a pretty sweet tattoo and four Women's Title reigns? Answer: Nothing.

    Could Lita (real name Amy Dumas) be the key to the success of the Divas of Doom?

    Yes, Lita could be the one to bring back the proper respect that the Divas division is due. 

She Has the Talent

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    Lita is, among many other things, one of the most talented Divas that WWE has ever employed. A four-time women's champion, Lita got her start in Mexico. Lita noted in a 2007 Stomp and Stammer interview that she gained inspiration to becoming a wrestler from her boyfriend's love of it. She also enjoyed the Mexican style of wrestling, so she spent all her money to go to Mexico and learn the craft. Inspired by the likes of Rey Mysterio Jr, Lita would learn the high-flying lucha libre style that made her famous in the WWE.

    Winning four women's championships and having incredible matches with Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Molly Holly shows a type of skill and talent that very few women today possess.

    It's this innate talent that made Lita so successful and it also is what would make her a good candidate to be one of the Divas of Doom. Like Beth and Natalya, Lita trained for many years to become a wrestler before finally being signed to the WWE. Once she arrived, she wowed crowds everywhere with moves that women generally didn't use at that time.

    Even now, I don't think I've seen any Divas use a hurricanrana in WWE for quite some time. Eve is the only Diva I've seen use a moonsault in recent years and even she doesn't do it from the top rope like Lita.

    Overall, Lita is a pioneer who really rose the bar for the Divas of her time. Along with Trish, Lita made the Divas division one of the most exciting things on television. And I think all of her experience in the WWE would also make her a great Diva of Doom.

    While she may not have the strength and power of Phoenix and Natalya (that's somewhat debatable since I haven't seen many power-bombs in the Divas division either), Lita definitely has the skill and talent to keep up with the current Divas of Doom and more than enough to handle any of the current Divas roster. 

She's Tough

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    Admittedly, Spike Dudley wasn't the biggest superstar. But still, how many Divas actually had legitimate battles against the guys? And let's not forget all of the bumps Lita took during her career. Let's just remember some of them.

    • Speared by Edge
    • Speared by Rhyno
    • Thrown off the stage by Undertaker
    • Took an Attitude Adjusment (then called F-U) from John Cena
    • Took a power-bomb from Eddie Guerrero onto the ring floor
    • Took a power-bomb off the top rope, through a table from Bubba Ray
    • Took a 3-D from the Dudley Boyz
    • Did a suicide dive through the ropes and almost re-broke her neck
    • Broke her neck and then came back
    • Pushed off a ladder through a table
    • Got hit by a steel cage door

    You get the idea? While she didn't actually fight the guys like Chyna or ever been in the Royal Rumble, there's no doubt that Lita is one of the toughest superstars ever. Male or female. 

The Divas of Doom Need Numbers

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    Beth Phoenix and Natalya may be the two strongest Divas, but the thing is, they are also the only two. In carrying out their crusade against the bimbos, Phoenix and Natalya have estranged all the other Divas on the roster. As it stands now, they are the only two heels in the Divas division.

    Because after all, all the other girls on the roster are former models with no formal training (well, all except for AJ). That makes it about eight vs. two.

    While the odds wouldn't be too much better, three vs. eight sounds much better than two vs. eight. And let's be honest, Lita alone is probably tougher than most of the other Divas. 

    Lita is, by far, not the strongest Diva (as I've said before) but she's more than tough enough to handle the rest of the Divas roster along with the aid of the other two Divas of Doom.

In the End

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    In the end, Lita would make a great addition to the Divas of Doom. She's as tough as any male competitor, she has plenty of experience, she's strong enough to easily handle any other Divas, she has plenty of in-ring experience and skill and she's a pretty face.

    Just like Beth and Natalya, Lita can bring respect back to the Divas division and look good doing it.

    Sadly, I doubt Lita plans on coming back to the WWE anytime soon. The door for her is always open and I'm sure everyone will be glad to see the queen of extreme return to the ring to show why she's one of the toughest women in the entire sport of professional wrestling.