The Young and the Restless: Is Nothing Sacred?

Joe WillettSenior Writer INovember 27, 2008

OJ Simpson didn't get our sympathy as we all collectively called for his head to no avail, and other athletes have their personal lives studied and viewed by more and more people.

For OJ, it was his life, for Brian Urlacher, it's his children.

Urlacher, the linebacker for the Chicago Bears, has been going through a rough custody trial with the mother of his son, Kennedy.

The Chicago Sun-Times have taken heat for keeping controversial journalist Jay Marioti on staff, a writer that has made many people angry over the years with his detached relationship to sports (he rarely gets his own quotes from athletes) and his rants that seem to be featured in every issue.

However, this time, it's writer Joe Hosey who has me angry for not going to the athletes to find out the true story.

Hosey turned in an article after talking to Tyna Robertson who has been keeping Urlacher from seeing his son.

The reason, she has said, is that he is confusing the child as to whether he is a boy or a girl.

"You are confusing him, if he's a boy or a girl," said Robertson to Hosey.

Instead of telling Hosey to get both sides of the story and talk to Urlacher before saying these things about him, the Sun-Times decides to let the story run.

"Urlacher's son in Cinderella diapers, painted toenails?" was the headline that graces the Chicago Sun-Times, as this excuse for journalism is shown to millions.

The Chicago Tribune went about finding the truth about these things from the source, Brian Urlacher.

"He did get his nails painted.  (My daughters) painted his nails.  So what?  His sisters were painting their nails, so he was like, 'I want to paint my nails.'  He's three years old.  Who cares?  And, yes, he did have a pull-up on of his (three-year-old sister's).  But she wears his pull-ups also.  His were out, so he put on one of hers.  So what?  It's a pull-up," said Urlacher to the Tribune.

The big problem with all of this, however, is that Urlacher doesn't want to be involved in all of this, and information like this going to the newspapers and the media is the reason that he is so cold towards the media and, instead of actually saying anything of substance, he relies an a book of cliches.

And Robertson isn't the best source of information when it comes to certain things.  She has also sent text messages to Urlacher saying that God gave him a bad back because he isn't a good father and not that he is just feeling the effects of nine years as a middle linebacker in the NFL.

"Stuff like that just shows how unreasonable she is," Urlacher said.

Another reason that she isn't a good source of information is her bad past.  Just last year she was ordered to pay $11 million for bringing up a false rape charge.  She has also been keeping three year old Kennedy from seeing his father.

According to Urlacher, he has gone up to three weeks without seeing his son because Robertson keeps him from seeing him.

He is trying to prove that he is a good father to his son and that he should be trusted to be with him, yet false, damning articles from supposed journalists who just listen to one source who is anything but trustworthy could cause him to lose any chance of ever getting custody of his son.

When you want to bring up information regarding an athlete or what he does as an adult is perfectly fine and they give up that right to their own privacy when they sign their contract, but the lives of young children shouldn't be thrown into the spotlight.

The life of young Kennedy should be kept out of the sports pages and where it belongs, with Kennedy and only Kennedy, not whoever gets the Sun-Times or has an internet connection.

The Sun-Times needs to do a better job of who they trust and what they print, or they could not only ruin the life of an athlete, but also the life of a young child.

Joe Hosey, you should be ashamed to have caused this and you will be lucky to have a job.

I'm Joe W.

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