"Maple Leafs This Week": Debut Episode

Tyler HillAnalyst INovember 27, 2008

Those of you who read the first edition of “Checking the Laundry” that was was published last week, by myself and Andy Echevarria, may have noticed the last little paragraph.

It talked about a show we will be starting called ‘’Maple Leafs This Week.’’ We have decided that, instead of updating readers in the Checking the Laundry series that it would be best to write a separate article.

Because of some problems with scheduling it has been hard to find a date suitable to start an internet-radio show. Nonetheless, we were determined to get it off the ground before Christmas. They likely Debut date will be December 20, 2008.

The show will air once a week (hence, the name) and we hope that it will always be on a Saturday. Each episode will include the following—recaps of all the prior Leaf games that week.  Then, Andy and I will give full recaps of our selected games from the week.  After we have each given our recaps, we will then preview the upcoming HNIC game. 

Due to NHL scheduling, the Leafs do not have games on Saturday four times, three of which are after we we start the show. We are currently thinking of ways to fill this gap.

Following these will be our Weekly “Leafs news” segments.  We will be discussing Rumours in Leafs nation, such as possible trades and various other news that comes up over the week in the Leafs Locker room.

Also, each week will list our (separate) three stars listing, as well as the three duds of the week. Towards the end of each show, we will have "Mail Time" where we answer your questions. Send e-mails to: tml.this.week@gmail.com 

I also would like to announce that a website for the show is fully under way. To visit it Click here.