Stephon Marbury Gets a Raw Deal: Don't Believe the Hype

Jay JonesCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

You know what? Marbury was my favorite player growing up.

Why? I grew up in Brooklyn. I've seen him play with the gauchos, and he was my favorite.

I know he has his issues. Blah blah blah, I know.

They say every team he left got better—even though they replaced him with MVP candidates. Whatever.

I'm not here telling you how to feel about him. We have our own opinions.

But I will say this: Since the beginning of the new season, throughout this whole situation, the Knicks have been 100 percent wrong.

First, D'Antoni lets Steph play big minutes in the preseason, then tells him he's not part of the plans. Messed up, but it's very understandable. Not they way they did it—he should've been cut long ago.

So then they make him show up to the games after saying he'd take a reduced role and then being told he's not in the plans. Why not send him home?

Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph get traded. D'Antoni asks Steph if he wants to play. D'Antoni says Marbury tells him no.

Well, in this business, you do what you are told. But when given the option, can you understand Steph not wanting to play? He hasn't played or practiced since the season, and was told he wasn't part of their plans. I can understand why he wouldn't want to.

When your coach tells you to play, you play. Obviously, he wasn't told to play. Do you think Steph is that dumb to miss out on his money? Why do you think he wasn't fined? The Knicks would love for nothing more than for Marbury to refuse to play, so they can void him. I highly doubt Steph would do that.

Then D'Antoni tells us, the fans, that he said no, he wouldn't play. Why do that? Why make it worse on the guy? Not saying he doesn't deserve what's coming to him, but that was too far.  He didn't deserve that.

Now, it happens again. They say he's "refused" again.

Do you honestly believe that? The dude warmed up.  He's dumb enough to do something like that and lose his money? Now you have guys like Q bashing him in the media.

Come on, guys—why wasn't he fined, then? Could it be D'Antoni is telling us lies? If Marbury isn't fined this time, we are being lied to.

Hate Marbury? Go ahead, I wont stop you—but hate the Knicks even more for being so obviously wrong, and making him look like a victim. 

Why would a guy want to play for a few games, then when the team is healthy be sent back? After telling him he's done, they have the audacity to ask him back?  That alone makes them look bad. Why?  Because they didn't stick to their guns.

And the media tells you all this crap, and you all buy into it—when I don't need to be an insider to see what bologna it is.

Fans, I just want us to think for ourselves. Take away his name from the story.  If you read it and didn't know who it was about, you'd say, "Man, thats effed up."

Even though Steph may be a loser, you don't do these things.

The Knicks, the media, and our fans have to start doing the right thing. And guys like Q should not be trying to dis anyone