Kerry Collins, Titans' Success Will Benefit Vince Young in the Long Run

Dwight PalmerContributor INovember 27, 2008

The Tennessee Titans are on a roll this season.  Kerry Collins is the best thing since... Wait a minute.  Isn’t this the same Collins that could not win a game in six attempts during the 2006 season?  This is the guy that lost his job to Vince Young.

As Adrian Monk would say, from the popular detective series, ”Here’s what happened.”  Tennessee had some of the worst receivers in the league for the past two seasons.  They dropped passes as routinely as it rains in Seattle.  The reason Vince Young won games was because he had the ability to run successfully. 

A running quarterback is a defensive nightmare because it pressures the defense to commit to either a pass or a run.  The problem is that the quarterback does not have to decide until he reaches the line of scrimmage.

If the defense comes up, he can pass to the abandoned receivers. If the defense maintains coverage, a quick and agile QB can gain dozens of yards on the run.

This season, the Tennessee difference is the receivers.  Somewhere, somehow they learned to catch passes.  If they had done this in 2006, they would have made the playoffs.  If they had caught passes last season, they would have gotten out of the first round of the playoffs.

One could argue that the Titans had more drops per game last season that they have had all of this season.

Vince Young is the future of the Titans, so it is a luxury to get to watch and learn from the sidelines.  It takes from two to five years for a QB to develop in the NFL.  There are a few exceptions, but I see no reason to frustrate a neophyte QB.

When Vince does return (Collins can’t play forever), he should be better than ever with receivers that can actually catch a ball.  This would open up his running lanes again should he need them.

This season, I see Tennessee in the AFC title game.