If I Were the Boston Red Sox's GM for a Day...

Dan CallagyContributor INovember 27, 2008

Stop and think for a minute. What would of happened if the Red Sox didn't trade for Beckett or Big Papi. What would have happened if they didn't trade Man-Ram or draft Pedroia.

What would there record be and how much jeaporady would Theo Epstein's job be in. Now they are thinking about picking up slugger Mark Teixeira for more than $150 million and releasing their captain and leader of their team, Varitek.

Well, If I were GM for a day i would be making a few moves, and quick.

Youk, Pedroia, Ellsbury, the list keeps going of rising stars or young start in the Red Sox organization. Trading Coco Crisp was a great deal. Some people think that because Ramon Ramirez, the player they traded for, is bad because he was in the Royals' organization.

Well, they are wrong. Crisp contributed one thing and one thing only to this team, speed. We dont need any of that any more. With the whole lineup averaging more than 10 steals a game, except Ortiz and Lowell, I think they are all set with speed.

The bullpen, however, needs some work. With Papelbon closing it out and Masterson as a very good and rising set-up man, Okajima has steadily lost his touch. Ramirez is the perfect fit for the bullpen. Masterson wil need some days off here and there, so that's where Ramirez comes in.

If a starter blows and and comes out eraly theres Delcarmen and Ramirez to trun to.

Now lets look at the free agents.

So, if I were GM for a day, I would wait for Teixeira's asking price to go down. If it doesn't go down within two weeks, I would stop pursuing him. He might want to come to Boston but, other teams with more cap room and who can afford him will offer him a big deal if his asking price doesn't come down.

As for Vartiek, I am glad they released him. I know a lot of you will disagree with the call, but just look at the stats. Last year he had 13 HR's good for an old man, but batted .220 which is not a very good average.

Cash might not have the power but he gets on base and drives in runs. Last year Cash only played 61 games, had three HRs let on three balls get by him behind the plate, and can catch knuckle balls, fastball, curve ball so on and so forth. If Cash ever needs a break, the Sox have a young and talented catcher, Luis Exposito who batted .301 in A ball and had 10 HR's drove in 37.

The starting rotation is all set. With Lester, Dice-K and Beckett they will have no trouble getting their team good strong innings.

The batting order will be superb this year. If they Sox get Teixeira they're order will look a little something like this

1. Ellsbury, 2. Pedroia, 3. Ortiz, 4. Teixeira/ Youk, 5. Teixeira/Youk, 6. Drew. 7. Bay 8. Jed Lowrie, and 9. Cash.

If Jason Bay is your number seven hitter, I think your in good shape.

World series? Maybe. A.L. East? Maybe. ALCS? Yes