Thanksgiving Predictions: "As The Eagles Turn"

Joe KleiberCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

 The drama never ends in Philadelphia. The Eagles are struggling at 5-5-1(does McNabb know the rules of overtime now?) and starting quarterback Donovan McNabb got benched after half-time in week 12's game against the Ravens. Coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat and the Eagles fans are calling for both of their heads. One has to wonder how Reid and McNabb will handle all of this and if this is the last hurrah for both of them in Philadelphia. We shall see....

Thanksgiving games:

TEN@DET Prediction: TEN 34 DET 17

 The Titans finally suffered their first loss last week against the New York Jets and will be take out their anger on the win-less and hapless Detroit Lions. It's a Thanksgiving tradition for the Lions to play on Thanksgiving, but who wants to see this team play? Their fans don't even want to watch them and the NFL should wake up and starting next year, they should have a flexible schedule for Thanksgiving. The Titans will run the Lions into the ground with the duo of Chris Johnson and LenDale White (don't worry LenDale you'll get some more carries this week) and will torch the Lions through the air with Kerry Collins.

Boom: Kerry Collins-Collins has quietly having a nice season and in the past 3 games, he has thrown for 762 yards 6 tds and 1 interception. He will take advantage of the Lions awful secondary. Prediction: 295 passing yards 2 tds

Chris Johnson-Some people have said that Johnson has hit the dreaded "rookie wall" and maybe he has. He last ran for a touchdown week 9 vs. the Packers and only has 118 rushing yards and 54 receiving yards since then. Johnson should have no problem in this tasty match-up vs. the 32nd ranked defense vs. the run. Prediction: 95 rushing yards 1 td 6 catches 40 receiving yards

Titans defense-The Titans struggled last week against the Jets and haven't played well lately. Nonetheless, they still have a great defense with Defensive Player of the Year candidate, Albert Haynesworth, anchoring the defensive line. They will take advantage of the turnover-prone Daunte Culpepper and feast on them. Prediction: 4 sacks 3 interceptions 1 fumble recovery 17 points allowed

Bust:Calvin Johnson-The Titans will do everything possible in trying to shut him down.  Not many teams have held him in check, but the Titans secondary is one of the best in the league. Sure, Culpepper may hook up with him on a long bomb or two, but he won't do much else. Prediction: 3 catches 75 yards

SEA@DAL Prediction: SEA 17 DAL 34

The Seahawks defense is decimated with injuries. The Cowboys are just starting to get back into their groove. Terrell Owens won't have a game like last week, because they will get back to running the ball and controlling the game with Marion Barber. This should set-up a nice game by Tony Romo, but I see him spreading the ball around and throwing to Jason Witten once again, who's basically disappeared lately. Seattle also has been terrible on the road.

Boom: All your Cowboys-The Cowboys should have no problems with the Seahawks' 25th ranked defense. Romo should have a field day and MBIII should bust through for some big runs and a few touchdowns. Play all your Cowboys.

Bust: Matt Hasselbeck-He has not been the same guy this year. He's always competitive, but has thrown too many bone-headed interceptions in crucial moments. He's cost the Seahawks lately and will this game too against the fierce pass-rush of DeMarcus Ware and company. I wouldn't play any other Seahawk and if you're forced to play one, play John Carlson. Prediction: 250 passing yards 1 td 2 interceptions

AZ@PHI Prediction: AZ 27 PHI 24

All signs point to a turnaround for Donovan McNabb with all the turmoil he's been through lately, but without a healthy backfield, he's going to make a mistake or two. The Cardinals defense isn't a top defense by any means, but every defense has played well vs. the Eagles lately. I'd play them here and except a few turnovers and sacks. McNabb usually plays well when his back is against the wall, but he'll come up just short here. No Asante Samuel will be a back-breaker for this usually tight secondary and Kurt Warner continue his MVP season and post his sixth straight 300 yard game.

Boom: Kurt Warner-Warner will take advantage of a Asante Samuel-less Eagles secondary. Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston will get open often and their size advantage over the short Eagles cornerbacks will make their presence known. Prediction: 330 passing yards 2 tds 1 interception

Cardinals defense-McNabb has 8 turnovers in his last 3 games and will have a few turnovers in this one. Add that to a shaky offensive line, an injured backfield and shaky wide receivers and the Cardinals defense should take advantage. Prediction: 3 sacks 2 interceptions 1 fumble recovery 24 points allowed

Bust: Brian Westbrook-He has not been healthy for awhile now and hasn't even topped 100 rushing yards since week 8 vs. Atlanta. He tends to struggle when he isn't healthy and won't post big stats. Prediction: 50 rushing yards 3 catches 30 yards

Tim Hightower-He hasn't posted a good game since week 9 and even though he had 2 tds last week, he only had 21 rushing yards. The Cardinals have also been subbing J.J. Arrington for him lately and the Eagles have the 11th ranked rushing defense. Prediction: 40 rushing yards 1 td

Weekend predictions will be posted in the next few days. Enjoy the games and have a Happy Thanksgiving!