Matt Cassel Likely to Be a Jet Next Year?

John GrayCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

Assuming Tom Brady's health progresses enough that the Patriots allow Matt Cassel to hit the free agent market, where does Cassel end up in 2009?

One team in particular would be very disheartening for the Pats: those blasted Jets, especially if Favre retires for good after this year. 

The move would make sense since the Jets love to sign ex-Pats, since they are familiar with each others systems. 

Obviously, Cassel has shown much more promise then Jets backup QB Kellen Clemmons.  There is some talent coming in the draft, but they'll have a lower pick and have to select from the second tier. 

What other young promising free agents are available besides Cassel? The Jets would also love to steal one from the Patriots, given their rivalry, and] gain a QB who has four years in their offense.

Ideally, the Pats would re-sign Cassel with a reasonable contract before he hits free agency. This would be either as an insurance policy for Brady or to get value back and control Cassel's next location.

Other teams would make sense

Dolphins, as long term replacement for Pennington.

Houston, who need a starter.

Carolina, to groom to replace their injury prone QB.

Philly, if they are not sold on either McNabb or his unproven backup.

Detroit, since they need everything.

Seattle, to replace Hasselbeck.

Minnesota, who lacks a head (QB), but has everything else.


So, if Cassel continues to progress, each win will be worth millions to him. He will be a multi-millionaire in one of the above cities. Which one remains to be seen. Here's hoping he does get his new green with the Jets.