Seattle Seahawks Roundtable: Week 13

Aaron LinkemyerContributor INovember 27, 2008

Welcome to the Seahawks Roundtable for Week 13, Thanksgiving Day.


Are the Seahawks going to be ready to play with only four days to prepare? How well do you think the Cowboys are prepared with Romo back and playing well?

Eddie Utah: The Seahawks have the disadvantage of having to travel to Dallas, while the Cowboys had an early home game on Sunday, which allows them more time to rest and prepare.

Mosang Miles: The Seahawks should be decently prepared, but I don't how much it will matter on the road against the Cowboys. Dallas seems to be getting back into a groove with Romo, and I think they'll be prepared and hyped for their annual Thanksgiving game. This is one game they don't like to lose.

Buddy Smith: The Cowboys showed they can score last week. The 49ers are a pretty easy opponent, but then again, the Seahawks defense hasn't been playing that well either. Detroit and Dallas get an advantage on Thanksgiving every year by getting to play on a short week at home. They have almost 20 percent more time to prepare, so they should look pretty good.


Do you think Matt Hasselbeck has used the last two games to get in sync with Engram and Branch? If he has, do the Seahawks have a chance to go blow for blow with the Cowboys offense?

Eddie Utah: As I've written before, the Seahawks don't have a Pro Bowl wide receiver like Terrell Owens, so no, I don't think the Seahawks can go "blow for blow" with the Cowboys offense. I do think Hasselbeck will play better, but they don't have the same big play capability that the Cowboys do. They'll have to be much more consistent than the Cowboys to stay in the game.

Mosang Miles: I do think Hasselbeck is becoming more comfortable after his return from injury, though he should refrain from forcing the ball and throwing INTs. He's always had great timing with Engram, while he's barely had an opportunity over the last two years to get in sync with Branch. If they can make some connections early in the game, I think the passing game can definitely match the Cowboys' attack, especially if the running game makes some strong contributions.

Buddy Smith: Hasselbeck and the offense have shown flashes of their old selves—a drive here, a few plays there. They are improving. They're going to look better each time they go out there. Hasselbeck's completion percentage is currently lower than Seneca Wallace's...that will change. He's been a 60 percent completion guy his whole career.


With our secondary getting put to shame every game this season, how many yards do you expect Tony Romo to throw for? What can the Seahawks do to prevent the Cowboys' Air Assault?

Eddie Utah: Oh, about 600. T.O. will have another 200. A hundred each for Witten and Barber, and the rest spread out to Williams and Crayton.

Mosang Miles: I think Romo will have between 225-250 yards, as the Cowboys will pound the ball on the ground to loosen up the D, limiting him from having Kurt Warner-type numbers in the end.  I don't really have confidence in the Hawks preventing much, honestly.

Buddy Smith: Over 300, I can tell you that. The Seahawks should send however many guys it takes to rattle him and live with the consequences. We're the worst in the league at allowing big plays anyway. We might as well send everyone and see what happens.

What do you think this franchise will do with Matt Hasselbeck after this season, especially if any mistakes fall on his shoulders in this game? Will they keep him, or is he gone?

Eddie Utah: I think it would be unwise to get rid of Hasselbeck, just because it's so difficult to find a competent quarterback in the National Football League. However, Seattle should definitely find a quarterback in the draft, preferably a late-round gem like Brady or Hasselbeck himself.  I think his back problems will push Hasselbeck out of the league before anything else.

Mosang Miles: I think Hasselbeck will be around a couple more years, but I think the Hawks will make a point to get a young backup, whether in the draft or otherwise, who they will groom to replace him.  I don't think either Seneca Wallace or Charlie Frye is that guy, so Seattle needs Hasselbeck for a bit longer.

Buddy Smith: He's the quarterback for a while here. What are we gonna do? Bench him like Andy Reid did Donovan? He's the franchise guy, and for the next few years we live and die with him. We could do much worse.


With the season being as sad as it has been, what are some of the positive things you have seen this season with the Seahawks?

Eddie Utah: K-Rob is the first that comes to mind.  He's still dropping too many balls, but he actually looks like a legitimate number two NFL receiver.  It'd be nice to see him have a breakout year next year.

I've also seen the offensive line show flashes of good play.  Group continuity can often be more important than talent on the O-line, so hopefully they can all stay together for another year or two, though I still hope the Seahawks invest early and often in linemen (both offensive and defensive) in the draft.

Mosang Miles: It's nice to see Branch actually playing. The running game has had a few good showings. The 12th man is still out in force. Hey, what can I say? It's been dismal.

Buddy Smith: John Carlson's play has been a bright spot. Julius Jones and Maurice Morris have run hard. Koren Robinson has played well for a guy who was out of football in September.


Thanks to Buddy, Mosang, and Eddie for contributing to the Seahawks Roundtable. I hope everything goes well in Dallas. Happy Thanksgiving!