Nebraska-Iowa Football Rivalry: The Trophy Is in the Hands of the Fans

Mike WehlingAnalyst ISeptember 26, 2011

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 17: Rex Burkhead #22 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers celebrates a touchdown with offensive linemen Jeremiah Sirles #71 and Marcel Jones #78 during their game at Memorial Stadium September 17, 2011 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska won 51-38.(Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Eric Francis/Getty Images

When Nebraska joined the Big Ten, fans began thinking of the new games the Huskers would play—Nebraska-Ohio State, Nebraska-Michigan and Nebraska-Wisconsin.  However, the one game that jumped out was Nebraska-Iowa.

Long have the Huskers and Hawkeyes have been border rivals.  Households in Nebraska and Iowa are split between the two teams.  Not since 1896 have the two been in the same conference, and now, 115 years later, the two will meet on the football field as conference rivals.  The two have met on several occasions over the past hundred years, with both sides claiming victory on different occasions.  Each side's fanbase took shots at each other over their teams success or their neighbor's failures.

One of the big traditions of the Big Ten is traveling trophies.  There are around 12 traveling trophies, and with the addition of Nebraska, Husker fans began clamoring over starting a traveling trophy with their border rivals.  Both fanbases came up with ideas, and now Husker and Hawkeye fans can decide what their two teams will fight over.

The Innocents Society of Nebraska and the President's Leadership Society of Iowa are sponsoring a trophy between the two schools and are leaving it up to the people.  I have no doubt that they wanted fan's opinion before signing off on an idea, and then face the backlash that Iowa-Iowa State did.  You can vote on the four designs for the trophy at this website

To give you a brief overview, there are four choices.


The Corn Bowl

The first is a golden bowl on a wooden base.  The bowl is engraved with art deco and the Cornhusker and Hawkeye logos on the bowl.  The wooden base will have engraved gold plates that will bear the scores and victors of each game.  Finally, the golden bowl will be filled with real corn.  Get it? Corn Bowl.


The Corn Cob

The second is a three-foot golden corncob placed on a wooden base.  The bottom of the corncob has the Cornhusker and Hawkeye logos on it.  The wooden base will have engraved golden plates bearing the victors of each game's winner.


The Corn Stalk

They do not provide much detail on this one.  It is a three- or four-foot trophy made out of dark walnut wood.  Then a corn stalk is carved out of the wood.  It's somewhat difficult to describe, but you can go to the website to get a better idea of the trophy.


The Pitchfork

The final trophy is the pitchfork.  It has a wooden base the same as the Corn Bowl and Corn Cob and has the engraved gold victory plates.  The Pitchfork is pointing into the wood.  Just above where the metal and wood meet, there is a gold band bearing the Cornhusker and Hawkeye logos on it.


Those are your four choices, please vote to help start a new tradition between Nebraska and Iowa.  The voting ends Oct. 3.

All credit goes to Innocents and the PLS.  All information can be found here.