Milwaukee Bucks: 5 Reasons Rookie Tobias Harris Will Become an All-Star

Rob SchimkeContributor IIISeptember 26, 2011

Milwaukee Bucks: 5 Reasons Rookie Tobias Harris Will Become an All-Star

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    During the 2011 NBA Draft, many fans of the Milwaukee Bucks were left scratching their heads when the Bucks selected the unknown Tennessee freshman Tobias Harris with the 19th overall pick.

    However, if you look at his overall game and progression during his brief one-year stay with the Volunteers, it becomes evident that he will one day become a NBA All Star.

5. Youth

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    Tobias Harris was 18 years old when he declared for the NBA draft. As it stands today, Tobias is a very raw player.

    But while inexperience and youth can be a negative, it can also be a positive.  In Harris, the Milwaukee Bucks get an extremely versatile player who can be molded. 

    Most older players come into a team system that may need to be adjusted to meet that player’s skill set.  In Tobias Harris, the Bucks have added a player that can do a little bit of everything.  Harris can shoot inside and out, rebound, handle the ball, and is proficient at nearly all aspects of the game. 

    When training camp opens, the Bucks can identify what need they have, and use Tobias Harris accordingly.  

4. Attitude

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    From all accounts, Tobias Harris is an extremely professional basketball player. 

    He works hard in the gym, and has the drive to improve his game.  You can find videos of Tobias in the gym at 2 A.M. taking hundred of shots to improve his game.  He also averaged nearly a block a game last season, so he can play defense. 

    Any Bucks fan knows Coach Skiles has little patience with rookies, and typically will not give them significant minutes.  Tobias Harris’ professionalism and work ethic is the ideal type of player that Scott Skiles is looking for.  He is not your typical flashy player that you will see coming out young and from the McDonald’s All-Star game.  

    All indications point to an extremely mature person who is committed to taking his game to the next level.  

    Physical attributes will only take you so far in the NBA.  The mental aspect on and off of the court contribute significantly to a players potential to become an All-Star, and Harris seems to have the mental strength needed to become an All-Star level player.

3. Rebounding

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    During his 2010-2011 season, Harris managed to average a little over seven rebounds a game as a freshman. 

    Being only 6’8” makes him a small power-forward by NBA standards.  In today’s NBA if you want to get minutes at the four spot, you need to be able to snag rebounds on both the offensive and defensive glass.  Last year showed that he has the ability to hustle to loose balls, and get up in the trenches to pull down rebounds. 

    A saving grace for his small size for his position is his long, powerful arms.  His wing span of 6’11” and vertical of 37” will allow him to compete with the taller players he will see on a daily basis when battling for boards. 

2. Scoring Ability

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    Tobias Harris has great shooting touch around the rim.  In watching him play at Tennessee last year, he was able to pull up for short jumpers and hit them on a regular basis.  He also is not afraid to use the bank shot, which is extremely rare feat for most NBA players. 

    Shooting inside the three point line last season, Harris shot nearly 50 percent from the field.  What is impressive about Harris is that he has the ability to slam dunk the ball, but will often lay the ball up or hit a short runner when driving to the lane.  He demonstrates the ability to take and hit the best possible shot, without the need to be flashy when headed to the hoop.

    Harris also showed he does have a bit of range.  While he does have a ways to go to be able to shoot the three pointer with any consistency, he showed that he can hit the shot.  His 30 percent three-point field goal percent needs to be improved, but the fact that he can hit the shot at all will make him a difficult assignment for the defense.

1. Ball Skills

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    Tobias sometimes ran the point-forward for Bruce Pearl’s squad last year, and showed great ball skills for a big man. 

    His ability to bring the ball up the court will give the Bucks a dimension that they currently do not have on their roster.  Having the ball skills he does will allow for him to be able to have the ball in open space, and create plays for himself or others.  Defenders from the other team will have to play him honestly. 

    Tobias Harris has the ability to create his own shot.  There were many instances last year where Tobias would beat his man off the ball and drive to the hoop.  When he ran into traffic, he showed great body control and adjusted to the defenders to get a clean look at the hoop.  


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    Tobias Harris has all of the skills to become a great NBA player, and eventually a NBA All-Star.  While he was not the biggest name on draft day, he will one day show what 18 other teams missed out on by not drafting him.

    Check out this video for some highlights of the newest Milwaukee Buck.

    Please leave any comments or questions you may have concerning the future of the Tobias Harris.