Cowboys-Seahawks Preview: Five Questions for Dallas

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst INovember 26, 2008

It will be a fun game tomorrow as the Seahawks will face off against the Cowboys in a rare Thanksgiving match. SeaTown Sports got together with the guys over at Cowboy Nation, James answered a few questions for them, (view them here).

Along with that, here were our questions for them along with their responses:

SeaTown Sports: Terrell Owens just had a monster game, but he was relatively quiet on the field before that. Is it that the Cowboys aren't getting him the ball enough, like he claims, or the inconsistency at quarterback, or something else that has been the cause of his lack of involvement?
Cowboy Nation: I think that the recent QB situation has had a big effect on T.O.'s productivity. Now that Romo is getting comfortable throwing the ball again you will see a lot more out of T.O. as well as the other receivers.

When Brad Johnson or who we like to call "Captain Ass Bag", was in the game the Cowboys offense looked down right pathetic. Look for another big game for T.O. and the guys this week.

STS: What did you think about the drafting of Felix Jones in the first round? How has he done so far? What does his future look like?
CN: Personally, I was a big fan of that decision. I don't know how many Cowboys games you have seen this year, but when Felix is healthy and in the game he adds another dimension to the offense. He has the big play potential and is excellent in the return game.  In a few years he will be a very respected RB as well as return man. I see him wearing the Star on his helmet for a long time.

STS: How much did losing Romo hurt the Cowboys overall? Would they make the playoffs if Brad Johnson started all 16 games? Do you think the Cowboys will try to get QB depth, or are there other, more pressing issues?
CN: There is absolutely no chance the Cowboys make the playoffs with Captain Ass Bag pulling the trigger. He can't move around in the pocket to avoid sacks like Romo can and also he has about 1/100th of the arm strength of Tony. The Cowboys offense would be totally reliant on the running game without Romo. I hope that Jerry and his crew make a move on a QB after this season because if anything happens to Romo again the Cowboys have no one to fall back on.

STS: What are some of the Cowboys' weaknesses that the Hawks might be able to exploit to pull of the upset?
CN: Special Teams all the way. This area has been a big concern all year. Also with Jenkins out this week the secondary is under a little more pressure than usual.

STS: How far do you think this team will go in the post season? What teams in the NFC provide a test for the Cowboys at this moment right now?
CN: I do see this team making the playoffs. The first round has proved to been a tough one for the Cowboys as you Seahawks know first hand. The infamous botched snap will always be what people think about every time the Cowboys make the playoffs with Romo under center. There are a lot of teams tat are playing really good football right now in the NFC. I think the Panthers are flying under the radar at 8-3 in the NFC South, which is statistically the second best division in the NFC right now.