"The Name On The Door is Cleveland"

Nate PowersCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

The saying in Browns football is "The name on the door is Cleveland."  The phrase was made up by Cleveland Browns' owner Randy Lerner.

Lerner sees the Browns as bigger than any one player, coach, general manager, or owner.  Lerner believes the Browns belong to the fans.

In a rare occasion the Browns owner talked to the media.  And as always he did so without any cameras.  He quickly changed subject when asked about the future of Romeo Crennel, and Phil Savage.

Randy Lerner doesn't like trying to do the job of the people he hired like some other owners around the NFL, he lets the men do their job.  Every decision will play itself out one way or another.

The last thing this team needs is a non football guy trying to be a football guy.

Lerner stepped forward Tuesday to address the media because the people he hired have not done their job and he is hurting as much as any other fan.

While stating that he is frustrated to the "maximum" this season he hid his embarrassment over Savage's knotty email last week.

Believing the Browns have a core group of guys that are under-performing and called Sunday's loss "sickening."

Lerner also said that he would have to take all the criticism into account at the end of the season when deciding people's fates, and he also said that the money committed to people last year won't enter into the decision.

It's about time for the man in charge to step in and show leadership and involvement.  This can be done while respecting the people you hired to do the job.

Ultimately someone has to look to the owner and ask, "Why do you let this nonsense happen."

The slogan may say "The name on the door is Cleveland."

The team might belong to Cleveland, but the responsibility for nonsense ends with the name on the door that says Lerner.