Which NASCAR Drivers Would Be MLB Teams?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

I have seen a bunch of articles that rate what kind of athlete would be a good team. i.e., wrestlers and NFL teams. So I decided to make one that puts NASCAR drivers as MLB teams.


Dale Earnhardt---New York Yankees

It's only right that the best driver ever should be with the best MLB team ever. Both have won the most championships in their respected sports. There is no doubt that these two are exactly alike.


Jimmy Johnson--- Boston Red Sox

These two are a perfect match. Both have started their rise to greatness around the 2001-02 seasons. Since then stock has sharply rose for both. Look for both to not stop anytime soon.


Carl Edwards---Chicago Cubs

When I think of Carl Edwards, I can only use one word. Clutch. The man wins when he needs to and has rose up the last couple of years, such as the Cubbies have done.


Greg Biffle---Philladelphia Phillies

Greg and the Phillies are a good match, I think, because when you really think about it, you would not expect either to win a championship, even though the Phillies won it this year. Maybe now its Greg's turn.


Kevin Harvick---Any NL West Team

I could not find an exact team for Harvick. I always thought of Kevin as a guy who was always in the Playoff race, if you will, but has never won. Always in the mist but never comes through. I dont believe any NL West team has won in a while and sadly for Kevin, I don't believe they will in a long time.


Clint Boyer---San Fransisco Giants

I chose the Giants more for a certain player. Tim Lincecum. Both are rather old, but still have something to show. Tim has won the NL Cy Young Award, and Clint Boyer finished fifth in points. Not too shabby for an old guy.


Jeff Burton---LA Dodgers

Almost the same reason as Boyer: Burton is like the Dodgers because they have been around for a while, and this year they started to shine.


Jeff Gordon---Atlanta Braves 

This pick was ready from the get-go. Both were excellent in the nineties. Still good but slowly fading. Not that Gordon is done, but I don't see him winning anymore championships while people like Johnson are around.


Denny Hamlin---Tampa Bay Rays

Not a whole lot to say here. Both young and starting to shine.


Tony Stewart---Houston Astros

Stewart, by me, is seen as a fighter. I choose the Astros because of Nolan Ryan. I remember seeing a fight, more like a punch, when Ryan uppercutted Robin Ventura.


Kyle Busch---Milwaukee Brewers 

Both were great in the regular season but crumbled in the playoffs.


Matt Kenseth---Colorado Rockies

One excellent year each but sadly nothing since.


Dale Earnhardt Jr.---New York Mets

As the first one says Dale Sr. and the Yankees are the best. Both are living in shadows, and will never be as good as either Dale Sr. or the Yankees. 

If you read this and a picture of Tim Lincecum shows up, please change it if you can; my computer is being gay.