UFC 135 Results: Will Jon Jones Fare Even Better at Heavyweight?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2011

Jon Jones beats Rampage Jackson at UFC 135 and during the post-fight press conference, the topic of a Jones move to the heavyweight division is brought up.

Jones said that he and UFC president Dana White had discussed the possibility.

So would Jones fare better at light heavyweight, or would a move up to the big boys be better?

If Jones wants to win and be a champion he should stay at light heavyweight. Jones' size differential from every other light heavyweight makes him nearly unbeatable. Notice I said nearly unbeatable.

If Jones were to move up to heavyweight, that size advantage he enjoys so much at light heavyweight is gone.

That strength advantage he holds? Gone.

If Jones wants to have more competitive fights, a move to heavyweight is good for him. If Jones lives up to everyone's hype and dreams for him, then eventually, to prove he is the greatest of all time, he will have to make a move for the heavyweight gold.

As of right now though, there is still plenty of fresh challenges for him at light heavyweight. Jones isn't close to cleaning out the light heavyweight division and still has some very tough opponents ahead.

And though Jones may still have some tough opponents ahead, his size and strength advantage over everybody else in the light heavyweight division give him a nice comfortable edge.

Jones is able to utilize his reach and pick everybody apart from outside; not to mention using his strength to take down his opponents at will.

Jones won't enjoy those same advantages against guys who 260 pounds. So until he clears out the light heavyweight division, Jones shouldn't think about the heavyweights.


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