UFC 135 Results: What We Learned from Josh Koscheck vs Matt Hughes

Cody SlovenskyContributor IISeptember 24, 2011

Matt Hughes and Josh Koscheck met in a welterweight bout in a fight that Koscheck has wanted for years. Many picked Koscheck, but some still took the legend Matt Hughes. 

What we will remember about this fight: 

This is one of the final fights of the career of Matt Hughes, and we saw him put on the best stand up performance of his career. Matt came in ready for this fight, and he was going to leave it all in the cage. Sadly for many fans, it ended at the last second of the round when Koscheck had Hughes down and landed hammer fists until Hughes was unconscious. 

What we learned about Josh Koscheck:

He is still very cautious about his right eye, which was messed up badly at the hands of Georges St. Pierre. He was slow to start, but as the round came to an end he really found his rhythm. After all was complete, he showed that deep down he isn't really the jerk that many people think he is. Yes he is cocky, but let's have a keep it real day, we all continue to talk about him.

What we learned about Matt Hughes:

Matt is still Matt. He always brings his all into the cage and and always puts on a show. He had his best striking performance of his career, sadly for him he got caught. Nothing negative can be said about Matt, everyone loses at some point of their career. 

What's next for Josh Koscheck:

The sky's the limit for Josh. Right now would be a good time for him to face a guy like Jake Ellenberger. Josh has momentum, and it is unknown how long he may want to take off before he fights again. He is in the top eight of the Welterweights in the UFC, 

What's next for Matt Hughes:

Matt has fought the best, and through out his career he has defeated the best. All good careers must come to an end, and well now is truthfully the time for him. Is he going to retire? Probably not because he is a fighter and he doesn't want to stop. No matter what he chooses he has the support of his fans. 

Probably wasn't the result many wanted to see, but it was a great fight for both men. Now, let's see what happens from here.