What The WWE Needs to Do to Get Me Watching Them Religiously Again!!

Paul VincentContributor INovember 26, 2008

An open opinion to Vincent K. McMahon.

I have been a wrestling fan-atic since I was 8 years old. I am 37 now, so you do the math! I have seen great matches in my time.....the Booker T. and Benoit series, The Road Warriors vs. The Midnight Express, Ric Flair vs. Sting, The Von Erichs vs. The Freebirds, Bruno Samartino vs. Larry Z., Sabu vs. RVD, The Eliminators vs. The Gangstas, Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer and more. The WWE had the attitude era in the late 90's to combat the monster WCW/NWO phenomenon. The days of DX, Stone Cold and others has diminshed. The days of ECW are really gone. The ECW product on TV now is a joke...a HUGE JOKE!!! The only time I get to go back to the good ole' days is by watching WWE 24/7, the greatest on demand channel in the world!! 

Vince, bring back the attitude era. Screw the network and the potential loss of commercial revenue, go back to what made you the most watched program(s) on TV. You should have let ECW stay dead or use your head and bring it back to the way we all remember.....totally EXTREME!!! The current wrestling on TV today is predictable and boring. John Cena wins the belt at Sundays Survivor Series and guess what happens Monday....yup a rematch. Smackdown is a joke. Vicki Guerrero is a jobber and has no skills at all except her elementary School nun comment, "Excuse me"!! What a bore. Edge comes back and wins the belt. Whatever happened to building up the wrestler to get a title shot. This comeback from a long hiatus and win the belt is so dumb!

Vince, maybe you need to watch WWE 24/7 to get the gist of what your product(s) should be like. Why not do a PPV that resembles the NWA "Wrestle War". Two rings and two teams. You know Vince like the Horsemen vs. a Dusty Rhodes team. Why aren't these old school wrestlers who write for Vince open their mouths! Are they scared? They shouldn't be because guys like Michael Hayes and Dusty Rhodes know what it takes to put/write the scripts for good shows. Vince is going deaf! Listen to the fans Vince.

Wrestling will never be like the old ECW days, where Paul Heyman put on great shows with blood, barbed wire, fire tables and half naked chicks. Heyman revolutionized wrestling. He threw out the arm bars and headlocks and replaced them with top rope frog splashes and table tossing matches. Vince and Bischoff tried to duplicate the ECW product, but realized the wrestlers they had in camp were incapable of executing these matches. So what did they do? They raided ECW and threw money at Heyman's boys. Well Vince there are no more guys for you to throw money out to enhance your product, because you monopolized wrestling (TNA is an infant next to the WWE).

Here is what Vince needs to do!! First, goodbye ECW. Trash it! When ECW came back on TV I knew it was going to be crap. How??? When I see 6-7 year old kids in the audience at an ECW show and not those three clowns in the front row (the two drunk old guys, one guy wore a straw hat and the other guy had a gray mustache and sunglasses, and the black long haired Howard Stern look alike with dark sunglasses). How can you be edgy when you have young kids in the audience.

Second, get rid of the general managers! Who cares if each show has a GM. They are a waste and usually have ZERO talent. Wrestling is about..well wrestling..not about one power head who changes matches five seconds before it starts or who interferes in matches to get their boy over! I believe WCW started that and boy was that a big mistake!

Lastly, do what made you what you were in the late 90's. Get crazy, bring back tag team wrestling, start new factions, bring back managers and their stables. What I would do to see a manager and his stable of wrestlers running into the ring when one of their own is almost losing his title. Bring back factions/managers like Cornette and the Midnight Express, The Horsemen w/JJ Dillon, Akbar's "Devastation Incorporated", The Freebirds and so many more. Come on Vince your wrestling is too predictable and it well.....STINKS!!!

I truly feel that wrestling has catered to the young kids and the new age fans. Vince is screwing the true fans..the old schoolers!! I could predict the outcome of every match on Raw/Smackdown and be 90% correct. How can you entertain people when they can almost predict your entire product! Please Vince.....bring back wrestling. Bring back the product that made you #1 after 50 something weeks being second! Stop resting on your laurels and put the taste back into wrestling. Raw is War..no Raw is Predictable. Smackdown is on a major network, so you know it is a watered down product with bad gimmicks and bad matches. I do not know about the rest of the Bleacher Report Wrestling fans, but Vince has killed the sport of wrestling. I wish I could sit on a mountain of cash and not care about how I got the cash to sit on!!!