Jumping Ship on the Detroit Lions: Is There Any Room on Your Bandwagon?

Nicholas GrantContributor INovember 26, 2008

So here we go again.

My (Our, if there are any other fans left) beloved Detroit Lions have blown another lead and have caused many of us to start thinking if there is room on other teams bandwagons. Maybe we should all just give up hope and find another team that may have a brighter future, which in my eyes is any one of the other one 31 teams in the NFL.

To make it easier for all of us I have compiled a few guidelines that should make the transition to another team very smooth, and without too many people questioning you.

1. Make sure to pick a team that not at the top of any division. I understand how tempting it will be to choose a team that is already winning. Many people are urning to get that feeling of victory that we have all forgotten. But This is to be avoided at all costs. You want to pick a team that is middle of their division but has a good standing 

2. Pick a team in the AFC not the NFC. I find that this works best because even some of  the worst teams in the AFC are better then the premier teams in the NFC. This will allow you to disguise your new found favorite from being a sure shot bandwagon jump.

You will be able to lose games but still have a shot at the wild card. What does wild card mean, underdog. What does underdog mean, it means you aren't jumping on a bandwagon, catch my drift?

3. Buy retro fan gear and memorabilia. Make sure you buy retro memorabilia, everyone knows the person who is wearing a brand new Patriot or Giants jacket, you don't want that. The look you are going for is a fan who has been die hard for years.

If you can't find a retro jersey hat, get a new one and throw it in the washer a couple times throw some dirt on it. I know it sounds crazy, but hey what's really crazy is a team going 11-0 and staying a fan.

4. Finally, Dispose of all Detroit Lion Memories. I saved this one for last because it is the most important. Be sure to eliminate by burning or going directly to the dump to get rid of all jerseys posters anything that reminds you of this team. You are trying to create new memories, positive ones, and if the Detroit Lions are in your life, that cannot and will not happen.

It, is my belief that if you follow this simple guidelines you'll have a great new team. Not only that you have a new jersey, new friends and new beginning. A happy one at that, isn't that we all want anyways?