College Football 2011: The 5 Most Disappointing Players This Season

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011

College Football 2011: The 5 Most Disappointing Players This Season

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    It's Week 4 of the 2011 college football season and while it's still a very young season, that doesn't mean there haven't been some disappointments.

    Iowa losing to Iowa State. Oregon and Georgia losing in Week 1 in embarrassing fashion and some key players that had plenty of preseason hype just haven't lived up to it yet.

    There's still time for these players to improve on their bad starts, but for some of them it appears that time is running slim and they may be getting benched, or already have gotten benched, before their season turns around.

    Here are five players who have been disappointments so far this year.

5. E.J. Manuel-Florida State

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    E.J. Manuel looked great in his first two starts of the year, but that was against the University of Louisiana-Monroe and Charleston Southern, or in other words a couple of cupcakes.

    His season stats are 666 yards passing with six touchdowns and four interceptions and although he got hurt against Oklahoma last week which could have cost the Seminoles the game, he just hasn't come out of the gate as good as expected.

    Manuel will also be sitting out against Clemson because of the injury and if his backup Clint Trickett can put up better numbers and show that he can run the offense more efficiently, then Manuel may have even more to worry about besides getting healthy.

4. Marcus Coker-Iowa

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    Marcus Coker, the running back for the Iowa Hawkeyes, may be a little bit under the radar, but after his big bowl game last season against Missouri, he became somewhat of a hot commodity. He's a bruising back that is very talented, but this season he's come out looking just average.

    In his first three games of the year he has 267 yards and two touchdowns. That's against Tennessee Tech, Iowa State and Pitt.

    Coker hasn't been able to find his stride and has had ball protection issues. There is plenty of season left and with Louisiana-Monroe on the schedule for today, he could have himself a nice bounce-back game that will get him back on track for a big year.

3. Greg Childs-Arkansas

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    Greg Childs is one of the best receivers in the country, not just the SEC, but so far this season he has just two receptions for 29 yards. Not exactly elite receiver stats, but Childs is coming off of an injury from last season so he may be playing a little safe thus far in the season.

    Today is the day he can turn everything around. Arkansas plays against Alabama and can make some huge noise with a huge upset and Childs is going to have to contribute.

    He didn't play in last weeks game against Troy, but is expected to play today. Childs needs to finally show up this year and post a big name and turn his season around.

2. Bruce Irvin-West Virginia

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    Last year Bruce Irvin had a monster year for West Virginia. He had 14 sacks last year. This season he has one. That sack came against Marshall in the first game of the year.

    He was silent against Norfolk State and Maryland in the next two games. If West Virginia wants to make an impression against LSU tonight, Irvin is going to have to show up and apply pressure to Jarrett Lee.

    Irvin is a talented rush end for the Mountaineers, but so far this year he has done virtually nothing.

1. Garrett Gilbert-Texas

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    Garrett Gilbert, a former 5-star recruit, is now riding the bench for the Texas Longhorns watching Case McCoy stealing the show.

    Gilbert is by far the biggest disappointment. This guy was supposed to finally put things together and come out and have success this season. Instead he's sitting the bench after having just 247 yards passing with one touchdown and two interceptions in two games of work.

    Those statistics are horrible, there's no reason to sugar coat it and while coach Mack Brown has stated that Gilbert has had a great attitude about the whole ordeal, there's just no excuse for Gilbert playing to bad.

    Gilbert could get another chance to shine, but if McCoy continues to play good, Gilbert can kiss his chances goodbye.