Jason Whitlock, I Love You but You're Wrong!

Brad JamesCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

Jason Whitlock is a decorated journalist for our partner www.foxsports.com, and we are privileged to have his columns occasionally appear here on B/R.

For the most part, his takes are insightful and he is a breath of fresh air in both racial and sports spheres. His analysis was good Wednesday as he filled in for Jim Rome in The Jungle. However, one thing really stands out negatively to me: his affinity for the BCS.

I realize that some people feel they have a moral obligation to uphold the BCS while everyone else is firing scud missiles at it, but this corruption which has permeated college football has no place among passionate fans with brains.

Everyone knows that the sole purpose for the existence of the BCS is to fatten the coffers of geriatrics who already have more money than they know what to do with. For some reason, Division I football has had an egregious superiority complex, making them feel too important to implement a playoff.

Many historians have said that because of the lack of media innovations even 20 to 30 years ago sportswriters could only make judgments on the team they covered.

In other words, a writer employed by the Tuscaloosa News could only watch the Crimson Tide and therefore if they have a successful season, they should be No. 1. Meanwhile, a journalist for the Columbus Dispatch would have no qualms making the Buckeyes No. 1.

Even in those times, though, college basketball and all other NCAA sports did it the right way, by determining championships on the field, court, or whatever playing surface of competition.

However, college football has relied upon the judgments of sportswriters. This has led many staunch traditionalists such as Whitlock to decry any innovation of college football.

The system is not broken, they claim, and they therefore justify an unsavory practice.

Several injustices will occur this postseason. Chief among them is the fact that Utah, Boise State, and Ball State will all be shut out of the "national championship" game.

In the NFL (which is easily college football's superior) regardless of who you play, (it is no surprise that the AFC East and NFC South each have three teams at least two games above .500 by virtue of their weak schedules) everyone who qualifies for the playoff has a shot at a championship.

It shouldn't matter who you play, but rather how you play.

The BIG 10 is a weak conference and yet no one is unbeaten in league play. What does that tell you?

Anyway, Whitlock, even though I appreciate your work, I must tell you that in this regard you're wrong.

All of you BCS traditionalists are blinded by decades of meaningless bowls. Please shake off the archaic chains with which you are bound and join me in the 21st Century.

The Ford Model T's weren't broken when they were popular. In fact, they were rather sensible. Nevertheless, times changed and they became irrelevant.

Can you imagine seeing anyone on the interstate with a Model T? That's ridiculous.

Parity has increased in college football and the BCS has become obsolete. Perhaps it was good at one time (I seriously refute this), but in any case, it now, more than ever, has no use to anyone.

Come on, Obama, step up to the plate. Hit the Jim Delanys and E. Gordon Gees of the world with executive orders and let's have a 16-team playoff!

Eight is nice, but 16 is big enough to ensure equality. And that's what this country is all about!