College Football Uniforms 2011: Power Ranking the SEC's Uniforms

Jeremy Hillman@@SECpigskinContributor ISeptember 24, 2011

College Football Uniforms 2011: Power Ranking the SEC's Uniforms

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    Any time you rank stadiums, fans, uniforms and the like, you know you are about to upset a bunch of people.

    In the SEC, talking about teams' uniforms and stadiums are like talking about their family or their town.

    People are very biased in this view. Most everyone thinks their team's uniforms are sharp and attractive when really, some are not.

    Therefore, even though it will still be my opinion and obviously biased by my feelings on the issue, I decided to break down the topic into more tangible criteria: history, colors, helmets and uniforms.

    I will rank all 12 SEC teams in each of these categories and then add up the numbers (one point for first and 12 points for 12th). The team with the lowest total number wins...

History and Tradition

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    Tradition still counts for a lot in the SEC. 

    The classic look gets bonus points in these rankings of uniforms that recall history and have a traditional look:

    1. Alabama

    2. Tennessee

    3. Georgia

    4. Auburn

    5. LSU

    6. Mississippi State

    7. Ole Miss

    8. South Carolina

    9.  Florida

    10. Arkansas

    11. Vanderbilt

    12. Kentucky

Color Scheme

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    When evaluating uniforms, you have to consider the colors. Some just do not work, even as much as their fanatic fans love them.

    This is the ranking of best colors to worst:

    1. Georgia

    2. Vanderbilt

    3. South Carolina

    4. Alabama

    5. Auburn

    6. Arkansas

    7. Ole Miss

    8. Kentucky

    9.  Florida

    10. Mississippi State

    11. Tennesee

    12.  LSU

The Helmets

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    The most prominent piece of a uniform in football is the helmet.

    There are some solid helmets around the SEC and they are ranked below:

    1. Georgia

    2. South Carolina

    3. Alabama

    4. Auburn

    5. Arkansas

    6. Vanderbilt

    7. Florida

    8. Kentucky

    9. LSU

    10. Tennessee

    11. Mississippi State

    12. Ole Miss

The Jerseys

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    SEC fans flock to stores to buy jerseys of their favorite team and players.

    It is clearly an important part of the overall look. Here is my ranking of each one in the SEC:

    1. Auburn

    2. Florida

    3. Vanderbilt

    4. South Carolina

    5. Georgia

    6. Alabama

    7. Arkansas

    8. Mississippi State

    9. Kentucky

    10. LSU

    11. Tennessee

    12. Ole Miss

The Top Three

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    The three best uniforms in the SEC:

    1. Georgia 10 points (the iconic "G" helmet and red and black color scheme make this uniform hard to beat)

    t2. Auburn 14 points (the slick Under Armour jerseys and classic helmets give Auburn a good look on game day)

    t2. Alabama 14 points (the classic look over the years gives Alabama one of the most memorable uniforms in the SEC)

The Middle Six

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    These uniforms aren't the best or the worst that the SEC has to offer:

    4. South Carolina 17 points (one of the sharpest looking helmets and jerseys in the conference)

    5. Vanderbilt 22 points (the black and gold combo makes the Commodores look solid on the field)

    6. Florida 27 points (aside from the cartoon gator on the helmet, Florida has a sharp looking uniform)

    7. Arkansas 28 points (the helmets and colors are pretty sharp, but the jersey is a bit too modern)

    8. Tennessee 34 points (the helmet is historic with the big "T", but the orange color is horrible)

    9. Mississippi State 35 points  (the jersey is nice and the helmet is okay, but the maroon color isn't great)

The Bottom Three

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    10. LSU 36 points (LSU has a great football program, but their purple and yellow uniforms are just plain bad)

    11. Kentucky 37 points (

    12. Ole Miss 38 points (the uniforms are outdated and the cursive "Ole Miss" on the helmets is not impressive)