WWE Smackdown: Analyses of the Huge Edit of the Orton vs. Rhodes Match

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 24, 2011

Those who watched Smackdown noticed something that did not match with the editing.

During the Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes match, Randy Orton was suppose to hit Cody Rhodes in the back of the head with the timekeepers bell and make it appear it was brutal. He succeeded only on the last part. It was a brutal shot that nailed Cody Rhodes in the back of the head.

Cody Rhodes bled like a stuffed pig. The blood was falling everywhere on his body, the floor and the announce table. Randy Orton continued to hammer on Cody Rhodes with more blood continuing to pour from his head everywhere around him.

Randy Orton then attempted an RKO that did not break the announce table and forced even more blood to pour. The medical staff ran in with piles of towels to stop the bleeding and clean up the mess that was left behind, along with Cody Rhodes himself.

If this was any previous era, WWE would have relished this and used it as a platform to ascend Randy Orton on to a new scale of brutality and show why he is a huge threat at Hell In The Cell to regain the title. WWE would have their shock value, their moment on the night and a statement that people would be talking about for weeks.

This is the PG-Era.

Instead of broadcasting all of this, they decided they needed to edit it off as much as possible. The edit was obvious and did not flow like the show normally would. They could not succeed in eliminating all traces of it.

In the shot featuring the the hit to the head when Cody lays his head on the table, the blood spilling out of his head onto the table can be seen if slowed down. The next shot of Cody is facing forward instead of laying down, with Randy Orton clearing the table. 

The blood spots all over the table can still be seen, along with Cody Rhodes having the towel on his head in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Both his legs are covered in blood and Randy Orton hits his RKO.

After that, they show replays and the show continues. Those who do not read spoilers would have been unaware of what really happened and would have known that something was up, thus finding the pictures of the occurrence online.

WWE, being in their PG Era, cannot stand to allow much blood to be seen because their of current sponsors. Therefore, gone are the days of seeing this type of brutality. Some people hate it while others understand it. 

One thing is clear and that is no matter what happens to anyone, WWE is not allowing blood anytime soon. Maybe this incident will make WWE more cautious about being a bit edgy and for a little while, we could see them revert to being safe. Then again, maybe not. 

WWE may hold a bit back going into Hell In The Cell, but only time will tell what will happen because of this botched performance. 

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