Floyd Mayweather Is 42-0 (and Thats All That Matters)

Ramblin ManContributor IISeptember 24, 2011

It has come to my attention that many fans in the boxing community are outraged by Floyd Mayweather's supposed fourth-round cheap shot on Victor Ortiz.

This is even after referee Joe Ortiz stated that the shot was indeed legal. People all around the world continue to bury this man for his in-ring tactics.

I feel that somebody in a neutral state of mind who doesn't stand in Manny Pacquiao's cheering section should set the record straight for all you critics.

Mayweather is like a hungry animal in the ring. He comes to feast, then leaves. He doesn't care what the critics have to say. Mayweather has already got enough accolades to just about void any argument saying he isn't the best boxer in the world.

Many just want to see him fall. That is why the man runs his mouth and goes on a media frenzy, running his mouth about his opponent. He wants you, the fan, to buy his pay-per-view and root against him. He wants to get the heat when his music hits in the arena. He thrives off this.

If fans buy a bout starring Mayweather, I guarantee they will not see a happy ending where the underdog/hero celebrates victorious. They will see a cocky egomaniac playing his role as the most hated man in boxing. He has done this for years and it has worked for him. He is in the record books for making the most money in a single boxing pay-per-view making roughly 120 million dollars. He is boxing's main attraction.

Playing the villain works for him. I can't imagine anyone who promotes his fights better than Mayweather. He is an innovator in the sport. The man argues with a biased Larry Merchant and it's seen as very disrespectful.

Mayweather, of course, will shrug off this negative press. As he should, seeing how Merchant gets paid by HBO to be an unbiased interviewer. He completely played off an angry crowd's reaction and tried to make Floyd look like a coward. Merchant, at the age of 80, should know by now that he isn't allowed to take sides as a reporter. He needed to stay neutral, but he failed. 


As for Ortiz, I would just like him to take the money that this fight gave him and never fight again. I was surprised how immature the Welterweight champion was in the ring. He came out ready to fight, but all seasoned boxing fans knew Mayweather would win. We all just wanted to see Ortiz hold his own against Mayweather for at least ten rounds.

Unfortunately, his head-butt explained exactly why he is not ready to be main name in boxing. After he head-butted Floyd, he decided to apology and hug him. That's fine.

After the break he walked over to tap gloves again and tried to hug him. Didn't he already apology?

Of course, the rest is history. I am just retelling the scene so Victor Ortiz can remember what happened, because unfortunately Ortiz doesn't believe Mayweather deserves the win either. He was interviewed by TMZ this week and was quoted as saying, "He doesn't deserve to be considered a champion, unless he gives me a rematch." He went on and continued to explain how unhappy he was, persisting in making his case for a rematch.

I, however, hope that he never gets another rematch.

Ortiz got up a few minutes after getting knocked out and he chose to laugh about it. If he really believed it was controversial, then why did he not express his frustrations? I believe he even walked over to Mayweather to congratulate him after the bout. After the bout he went to a club to party.

Anyone who believes that this guy is not using this controversy to stay in the limelight longer. Ortiz made 2.5 million dollars in this bout, by far the most money he has ever made in a single bout. So I suppose he thought, "Why not try to provoke a rematch to make more money?"

I am not the owner of a crystal ball, but I predict that this rematch will never happen. Mayweather only took on Ortiz because he was in possession of the Welterweight title. Mayweather doesn't need to give Ortiz a rematch. The only way he would even consider it would be if someone promises him that this fight would be the best decision financially.

So not giving Ortiz a rematch will build up Floyd's villain status. Many will cry that Floyd is nothing but a coward. Others will argue that he is a cheater. The bottom line is that Mayweather is 42-0. Those who choose to ignore that fact are ignorant in the sport of boxing. Mayweather has bigger fish to fry then Ortiz. He has still yet to fight Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito and the reigning pound-for-pound champ, Manny Pacquiao. 

At this point in his career, Floyd has made his case for being the best in the world. The people who hate him will probably never like him, and that's fine. He's not doing this for you. He is doing this for money and fame.

He is the face of boxing and the more you continue to debate his self-proclaimed title as The Greatest Of All Time, the bigger the smile on Mayweather's face grows. You are giving him free publicity for his next bouts and all the profits of the bout will just end up in his wallet. That's all that really matters here, regardless of whether fans love him or love to hate him.

Whether they argue how fair his punches to Ortiz were or how classy his post-fight interview was... All that doesn't matter.

Floyd Mayweather is still standing undefeated at 42-0.