Notes from a Fangirl: Dear IWC, WWE Wants You to Hate Cena

Double A .Correspondent IISeptember 24, 2011

In wrestling, much like life, there are good guys and bad guys. When you are a kid it is very cut and dry.  The bad guys always carry dynamite, tie damsels to the train tracks and twist their mustache menacingly. 

As you get older and lose your kid-vision, you learn the bad guys don't always twist their mustaches, sometimes it's the clean shaven, squeaky clean neighbor tying you to the tracks and dynamite really is not that common.  Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the good guy, bad guy and the guy you just don't like, and the same can be said for professional wrestling. 

As a kid I thought I was supposed to cheer for the faces, boo the heels, and that was the bottom line.  However, when my beloved Shawn Michaels turned heel, it opened up my mind and heart to the bad boys.  My black and white wrestling world now had a nice area of gray for me to enjoy.  I saw that the heels served just as much purpose as the faces and, if no one hated the heel, then they wouldn't love the face.

To quote Eric Bischoff, "controversy creates cash" and you can't get more controversial than Cena.

Women and children love him.  He is a real life superhero and a marketing departments dream come true.  Most grown men seem to despise him, doubt his abilities and believe him to be the epitome of overrated.  While this modern day Hogan stands for truth, justice and the American way, he brings more heat than Bluto in a Popeye cartoon. 

For every "Cena Sucks" chant heard at a show there is a "Let's go Cena" following.  To say the man divides a crowd would be a vast understatement.  On Twitter, Facebook, Bleacher report and blogs the debate over Cena rages on continuously, with neither side backing down anytime soon.  

So what does WWE think about the IWC hating their No. 1 face?  They're loving every minute of it. 


They can put any superstar in a match against Cena and the crowd will be amped.  The little Jimmy's will cross their fingers and toes that Super Cena prevails, while the rest of the crowd will back his opponent—no matter who it is.  Could it get any easier for creative?

Let us take a trip back to Algebra.  John Cena + ______ (Insert Random Superstar here)=Heat + Heel + Feud.   Both sides of the equation are equal and, instead of creative doing their homework, we get this equation where every once in a while they plug in a new foe for Cena to face without building him up first. 

I genuinely believe this is part of the problem with the storylines (or lack thereof) we have been given.  Instead of a developed opponent we can get behind, someone to potentially rival Cena, we get the recycle, reduce and reuse version of things, and because for every Cena fan there is a Cena hater, it allows the company to get away with it. 

The Cena fans buy all his merchandise and the Cena haters buy everything else, the financial train keeps on rolling. Cena is the perfect face/heel tied up in a bright, colorful and marketable package. 

WWE is a business first and a wrestling promotion second.  We can cry out for change until we are blue in the face, but as long Cena fans tune in to see their hero, and Cena haters tune in hoping to see him dethrowned, there is no motive for a reform.

  So keep chanting "You can't wrestle," make your anti-Cena signs, t-shirts and join Chavo Guerrero's pointless crusade and boycott WWE all you want.  As long as Cena is the catalyst that divides the fans, WWE can giggle all the way to the bank.