WWE Smackdown: 5 Ways to Shake Up The WHC Scene

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIISeptember 24, 2011

WWE Smackdown: 5 Ways to Shake Up The WHC Scene

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    A lot has changed recently on the blue brand. 

    At Night of Champions, we saw one of the biggest upsets of the PG era when Mark Henry defeated megastar Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship...clean.

    It took Mark Henry 15 years to finally get to the top of the mountain, and for old-school fans, it's definitely a very gratifying sight to see The World's Strongest Man finally hold the strap. He's put in his time and his effort for as long as any wrestler in the WWE today, and he deserves to finally get his chance to shine.

    However, even though his victory was a shocker, things might end up becoming very predictable very quickly on Smackdown. A future icon like Randy Orton will have his title back in no time if the WWE creative team goes the obvious route with this. Many people still believe that Henry's current title run is simply just a way for the WWE to thank him for all of his hard work over the years, and considering Mark Henry's age, it seems like his time at the top will be very short-lived.

    Christian was right, too, I really can't see Henry on a billboard highlighting an event. He's a little too past his prime for that.

    Still, you can't deny Henry's domination right now. I just hope the WWE is smart and doesn't ruin this truly exciting time on Smackdown. This is the time to really turn things up a notch.

    In my opinion, this is the first time in a while that Friday nights have been this awesome. They can throw Sheamus and Christian into the mix, but that's boring. Let those two feud for a while. I don't know about you, but I want to see some more change on Friday nights. Time to try some new things and push some new stars.   

    Here's a few ways that the exciting WWE WHC scene can be even better. 

1. Throw Cody Rhodes into the Mix

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    Crazy Cody has been on quite a roll lately, and the current Intercontinental champion is still light-years away from reaching his full potential.

    He got the crap beat out of him last Friday by Randy Orton and lost about of gallon of blood in the process. But he did get the win. He also beat Randy Orton a couple of weeks earlier on Raw's Supershow.

    Beating The Viper twice in consecutive fights is incredibly difficult to pull off, and if anything, it proves just how much faith the WWE has in their young second-generation superstar. There's no doubt that Rhodes is going to be a future champ, maybe even a relevant one.

    Maybe his time at the main event scene is coming sooner rather than later, especially with the way he was brutally attacked last Friday by Orton. There's no doubt he'll be seeking some much-deserved revenge. I just wished they showed the bloodbath that The Viper caused on television; it would have done a lot for both characters.

    Still, Rhodes does have a victory over Orton when he was champ, so there's no doubt that his stock is on the rise. If executed properly, Rhodes will continue to linger in the Heavyweight Championship scene. 

    I can see Rhodes getting involved in the Smackdown main event next Sunday at Hell in a Cell, costing Orton the title in the process. Who cares if he's the current IC champ? Rhodes can practically give that away and no one would care.

    Or he could just keep it and really make things interesting. He has no one to feud with right now anyways.

    Either way, adding Rhodes to the title scene will give him some much-needed exposure at the top of the blue brand. If they give the once dashing one a chance to shine, I guarantee he'll deliver. 

2. Bring Back Masked Kane

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    How do you stop someone who calls himself The World's Strongest Man? That's just not a nickname you give to anybody.

    Maybe its time to call on something a little more...supernatural. Maybe the only person who can stop The World's Strongest Man is The Big Red Machine.

    But I'm not talking about old, bald Big Red Machine, the one who did that stupid Santino trumpet thing once. He already got demolished by Henry.

    I'm talking about THIS Big Red Machine. You know, the cool one.

    Almost every wrestling fan has been clamoring for the return of Kane's mask ever since he took it off in the first place. I know there was that whole thing about the mask limiting his ability to show emotion or whatever, but come on. That mask was really freakin' cool.

    I'll even accept that weird half-mask thing that Kane had for a while. I'll even accept it if he talks. I just want that mask!

    You know Kane wants some revenge for what Henry did to him, and I'm sure he'll stop at nothing to prove that he's still Smackdown's resident monster.    

    There were very few wrestlers that were as dominating as old-school Kane, and if Henry's dominance continues to occur, a revamped Big Red Monster may be the only thing capable of stopping the current World Heavyweight Champion.

3. Big Zeke: Can He Stop Henry?

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    This one might be a little out in left field, but I think this current championship landscape would give Ezekiel Jackson a great chance to break out from the mid-card.

    Massive potential has always circulated around Big Zeke. He's the last recognized ECW Champion in history, and just recently he had a quick, but somewhat affective Intercontinental Championship reign. Plus, you know how much Vince loves big strong guys, and there's very few people bigger and naturally stronger than Jackson in the WWE today.

    If Jackson worked a little more on his mic skills, he could easily be the Ahmed Johnson of this generation, if Johnson actually lived up to his potential. He's pretty over with the crowd, and there's no doubt that Jackson knows how to throw his big frame around the ring.

    Big Zeke is the only big man on Smackdown who hasn't gotten an opportunity yet to stop Mark Henry's current hot streak. Let's not forget that not too long ago, Jackson dominated Big Show for a short while, which is no easy feat. He also put the massive Great Khali into his torture rack finisher, which is damn near impossible. I don't think he can fit Henry on his shoulders, but he certainly has a great chance in stopping an unstoppable force. 

    Imagine if Jackson and The World's Strongest Man went toe-to-toe. It would honestly be a very hard fight to decide and may show some of Henry's weaknesses. In doing so, Henry would possibly have to revert to classic heel tendencies and not just utter domination, giving him that much more heat.

    Jackson's time at the top is coming, in my opinion, and although I don't see him winning the title anytime soon, anything is possible. I mean, Jack Swagger was champ for God's sake.

    But Jackson can push his way into the main event scene with a little bit of domination of his own. It would also make things a little bit more interesting and unpredictable on the blue brand. 

4. Have Mark Henry Join the Possible Upcoming Stable

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    Unless you've been living under a rock lately, only come out to watch Syfy on Fridays from 8:00-10:00 and close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears every time the Raw Rebound comes on, then you know that Monday nights have gotten a little crazy for Triple H and Company.

    Kevin Nash, The Miz and R-Truth have all been "fired" in the last few weeks, HHH's job as COO is in turmoil and John Laurinaitis has proven to be one shady dude. Plus, he sounds like Marty Funkhouser from Curb Your Enthusiasm, so he must be evil.

    There's no doubt that a power struggle is brewing in the WWE, and many people believe that a major stable will be appearing very soon with a power-hungry Laurinaitis at the helm.

    If it goes according to plan, Nash would probably be the muscle, but I have another idea in mind.

    Throw Henry into the mix, make him draw even more heat and bring the anarchy over to Smackdown as well. Plus, with a stable behind him, there's no doubt that Henry could have a very long, historical title run.

    It think it's starting to become more and more obvious that this brand thing might be starting to come to an end, and putting Henry in the stable would be a major step in that direction. The only issue is that it would potentially take away the WHC match at the a future Survivor Series classic in November.

    However, if the WWE is planning on going the stable route, and they really want it to shine, they'll add Henry. He's too hot right now not to make that move.  

5. Turn Mark Henry Back into Sexual Chocolate

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    ...Just Kidding. But still, that would be pretty awesome.

    Imagine, Henry continues his domination at every turn, but comes out to this seductive piece of musical composition. 

The Real #5. The Return of the Undertaker

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    No living man can seem to stop Mark Henry, so maybe it's time to call on someone who's dead.

    I'm taking of course about the Deadman himself—the one and only, Undertaker. If there's any time for him to return before WrestleMania, this would be it.  

    The Phenom's return to the blue brand would truly be an unbelievable moment, especially if it happens sooner rather than later. Imagine if he made his triumphant return at HIAC? Nearly impossible, I know, but I can dream sometimes. 

    Taker is the most dominating presence in WWE history, and if Mark Henry really wants to go down in history as an absolute beast, he'll go toe-to-toe with Taker and try to take out the biggest dog in the yard.

    The whole thing is easy to set up, all Henry has to do is continue to win until no one is left to fight. Cue the bells.

    But it's all a matter of whether or not Taker is up for some more wrasslin, which as of right now, there's no indication that he is. He's definitely gotten much older, much faster over the last couple of years and rumor has it that he's really enjoying his time away from the ring.

    Still, if The Deadman is itching for a fight, he'll find it waiting for him on Smackdown in The World's Strongest Man, and I know that I certainly won't complain.  


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